1. For rendering speeds on delivery, I have a m1 Mac mini 8gb, 16gb m1 pro MacBook, and 32gb m1max studio at my venue/studio.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. In don’t mind buying the 32Go RAM version, I was actually wondering if more than that was needed (therefore buying a studio model )

  3. IMHO page break is clearly following their main direction (at least since a year) to be the ultimate document editor.

  4. If the point is to blacklist all products from invading countries the US ones should be on the top of the list.

  5. I had it and sold it. Well made and beautiful but an over-engineered mess and too heavy. Wants to be too many things in the same time, it’s a jack of all trades imho

  6. It’s a good time for small MC (disclaimer: more risky) projects, some had nice pumps. KROM, TYRANT, POWER (from Kingmaker) or BONE

  7. ATOM RPG, same gameplay than Divinity OS2 . Nice game if you like the post-apocalyptic theme.

  8. I agree with you. I have used Craft for 2 years and while it has been good I feel I am not the targeted user as well and I also found myself spending too much time making it “pretty” instead of using software and computers for what they weee intended — a tool.

  9. There is no straightforward path to migrate from Craft to Notion (as far as I know). Craft subpages/cards are causing the biggest problems. So at the end it has been a tedious manual work: Export Craft as .docx then importing it to Notion and manually re-format everything.

  10. Honestly, I’m a Notion user since less than a month and I don’t understand why someone would buy a template, there is so many incredible ressources for free, especially from YouTubers offering them as « hook » for selling workshops.

  11. Create an online portfolio with your best achievements and spread it everywhere, lots of people are willing to pay a lot for skilled folks.

  12. Thanks for mentioning my article - so you switched to Notion and Apple Notes right?

  13. No not really, guess it depends on what you do, I found it didn’t actually add any real value apart from being fun to build and play around but in reality they were adding more stress and time than they were saving… you have to constant customise and configure documents to fit into whatever database system you built and rebuild them if you realise they don’t interact properly etc… they were adding more stress and time than they were saving…

  14. I hesitated with adding Things3 for task management in addition of Craft as well but I realised I needed my docs and tasks in a more centralized place, Notion allowed me to leave Trello as well with the kanban feature.

  15. I made the switch from Craft to Notion during the holidays. It was really heartbreaking because Craft is a real joy to use but after almost 2 years I was really frustrated by too many things.

  16. You can create a master task database and replicate different views for today, week. month, etc..

  17. It's a good question. There are definitive answers. To help you decide, you need to understand the features tied to documents but not pages. For example, the "activity history" and "restore from the previous version" are tied to documents. So, if you mess up with pages within the "Year 2023" document for example, to restore the page, you need to restore the "Year 2023" document and find the content to be restored within that document. I made a video explaining the differences between Documents & Pages.

  18. Lots of nice Craft content on your YT, are you part of the team , sponsored or just a regular user ?

  19. Thanks! Just a simple & regular user of Craft! I wish they would pay me, though.

  20. Wow, you must be a real fan of the app to be such an evangelist ! Lots of time and work there

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