1. For leveling up, ideally i'd say that should be done between sessions

  2. I agree, and that's generally how it's done, but I've had some marathon sessions where a mid-game level up was necessary and it's never gone well. So, that's why I included it. Still not worse than an unprepared wizard, though.

  3. When you want to use your dice, but everyone is taking forever, it's time to think vertically.

  4. Give ‘em some charisma, give ‘em some flair, give them a weird ass motif that they really like to use when decorating their lair! Maybe give ‘em some spells, you might as well, and make the regional effects inform any settlements near them ‘cause that’s swell!

  5. Congratulations! This comment won you the Giveaway! I'll DM you for more information.

  6. This will be a nice addition to my "It's Never Sunny in Barovia", Cleric" and Druid T-shirts I wear to sessions!

  7. Two of my favorites things, metal and tabletop, mixed together..... Count me in!

  8. Welp, fuck me, my wallet, and the rest of my shirts

  9. No, I need a car set, a home set, a long travel set, back ups for all of them in case the primary set gets cursed or damaged, a back up for the back up set, and back up sets in different materials to reduce the chance of damage.

  10. Your players don't know you forgot a major part of the quest. Just throw it into next session.

  11. Same thing with players skipping an encounter you spent hours on. Just use it later instead of shoehorning it into that session.

  12. It's true! I realised during my 2nd campaign that I really didn't need to plan as much as I thought, my players are always good at carrying things forward and coming up with creative solutions. I've had only a few sentences/focal points for some sessions and it ends up being a solid 7-8 hours.

  13. Nice. On a normal session, I'll have a few encounters prepared and push the players in a general direction. I throw the encounters in wherever they're appropriate and the whole thing seems planned enough.

  14. Answering the question you posed, I'll often make a statement and then ask the players to justify it in the fiction. Ex.: "You each have just paid 50 gold pieces to become a member of the Freelancers' Guild. Why did you join and how did you earn your entry fee?"

  15. I do something similar to this before sessions. My group calls them roleplay warmups.

  16. Last week I had a magic ring tied to an unbreakable, untieable string, being part of an exhibit in a museum for families, allowing all the boys and girls the opportunity to experience walking on water.

  17. Haha! I've seen the same solution for locked doors. If they start asking what the wall is made of, you're about to have 2 doors.

  18. A big one is deciding what NPC's to flesh out, go for ones that players are giving more attention or investing time in. To further this, have them write NPC's that their character is invested in from the world perhaps just a couple, then work with them to tweak these NPC's so that they can show up in the story. When they do not only will that character already be invested in them but they will also have done work for you.

  19. Good point. What I like to do is have a list of names, personality traits, and physical descriptions handy. That way, if they meet someone new, I just cross a name off the list and that person is in the world now.

  20. All 8 school are there. Some are presented as hoodies, but they are all available as shirts, mugs, and tanks.

  21. The method you describe could turn a task that's impossible for any one member of a party into a skill challenge that they party needs to work together to achieve.

  22. I really like this change. It provides a rules-based mechanism for awarding inspiration. Not every table needs it, but it helps easily distracted DMs (like me) that forget to award inspiration for several sessions.

  23. For price, I'd check freelance sites like Fiverr to get an idea of what others charge. Remember to factor in any corrections they may ask for. If you want to give a discount because you like the organization and want experience doing this kind of work, that's fine, but never do work like this for free.

  24. Purple has to be "Spending 20 minutes putting on the perfect outfit", right?

  25. This album scratches an itch for those that want Polyphia but with vocals. I wasn't huge on Artificial Void, so I was surprised at how much I vibed with the new EP and the album didn't dissapoint.

  26. That's exactly what I thought when I heard it. They're actually touring with Polyphia right now. They're coming to my town, but by the time I found out about it, the show was sold out.

  27. I, for one, am disappointed that Vin Diesel and Joe Manganiello aren't in the upcoming movie.

  28. Holy hell, “Tabletop gaming metal head” Describes me to anT! The necromancy one would probably go best with my look, but they seem awesome! I might pick one up either way! Good job dude!

  29. Well, if you're going to dangle merch this awesome infront of me, of course I'll play ball! Thanks for the opportunity! These are all fantastic!

  30. That PC "picked" an awesome mini

  31. It's from the Warcry starter set. It's a Warhammer fantasy skirmish game.

  32. More like: The DM when I realize that my players will find a unique way to counter everything in my kit

  33. I admire their ingenuity, but yes. It's annoying. This is how adversarial DMs are born.

  34. Love your merch! Thanks for doing this!

  35. That great. But there were just so many designs where I instantly thought of a specific player or DM and that feels cool.

  36. I love that. That's honestly what I try to do. This made my day. Thank you.

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