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  1. Not that that won’t. They can’t. Spread glue or oil on the rail. They won’t sit their anymore

  2. That’s the point to find weak spots and most inspectors in states ask for underground pressure test

  3. Good times to buy are always, it’s always discounted. great times to buy are just prior to earnings. I believe this earning especially will be big on top of it being the second positive earnings in a row. Hedgies come in with a dash of negative sentiment towards sale goals for the qtr. and a good decrease in share price to play along with that.

  4. The ships also are usually all booked at once unlike hotel being spotty. Also the cruise lines recieve a big portion of each shore excursion with the companies offered through the cruise.

  5. We just booked the Royal Caribbean Dec 1-8 7night western Caribbean on explorer of the seas. looks good excited for the trip will probably pick a more attractive ship on the next trip. The ship has plenty but their are other ships with far better options. We paid $840pp for a balcony

  6. Had to change my gpu fan curve to get mine to stop I used fan controller off GitHub

  7. Download the app and use the plan my cruise feature

  8. seen a similar post to this the other day except they were covering the black line with a chem trail

  9. Some countries require your passport to be active for x months before entering that country

  10. Mis leading tittle not his DD credit is deserved where due

  11. thats why you DRS and you steer away from the system put all your shares in a "book" account and they are then transferred from ceed and co. to you the true owner

  12. Same. She did something stupid, but not on purpose. Russia was being unreasonable. In any case, as Americans, we should prioritize protecting the lives of Americans over nearly anything else.

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