1. No, if anything the Reuters article is misleading. I don't see how the price cap could have been intended to impact the blend of Russian oil that gets piped to Asia.

  2. I do love how people are misinterpeting what Zelensky actually did announce. For starters, there is no "canonical orthdoxy". They are banning the cult that calls itself Moscow Patriarchy, you know, the ones that declared

  3. The content of the pay-walled article you linked to :

  4. This isn't really related, but this article's title

  5. Found some other really old articles. Some aged better than others. Some are really strange to read in retrospect.

  6. I didn't realize that Biden was so deeply involvement in Ukraine so long again.

  7. I found a trick that does this. Type as many dashes - as you want and then apply strike-through:

  8. Where was a Marine Battery firing 23,000 rounds in 5 months?

  9. One could argue those too were terror bombing... with a twist.

  10. Here's some more relevant articles about Serbian infrastructure during the 1999 war:

  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/inatl/longterm/balkans/stories/belgrade052599.htm

  12. In a signal that the NATO bombing campaign is having some effect on civilian morale in Serbia, protesters led by angry Yugoslav army reservists back from Kosovo have taken to the streets of the southern town of Krusevac for the second straight day, refusing to return to the province and demanding that no more soldiers from their region be sent there, according to Yugoslav media and other reports from the area. The demonstrations, while peaceful and relatively isolated so far, are the first of their kind to be carried on in public anywhere in Serbia.

  13. "100,000" was also the number given by the chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  14. The skulls in pictures 3 and 6 are altered versions of this skull

  15. Also, there are some special applications where it is advantageous to use a processor just fast to get the job done instead of the fastest available commercial processor. Commercial processors have little (probably none) radiation tolerance, for example (needed if you want the processor to work in irradiated areas after a nuclear strike).

  16. I thought Russia claimed that. Why would Ukraine be obligated to supply resources to a stolen part of their country?

  17. Because it's Ukrainian territory full of Ukrainians who need it.

  18. I still think it's fake, but if I'm wrong I'll admit it? Wow, what a HOT TAKE! Why don't I blindly stick to my guns in the face of evidence like a real man?

  19. Do you know what the channel's link/handle is? (I'd like to see it)

  20. Thanks russia. This girl was living peacefully and happily until your powertrip journey started

  21. This is so sad. And this is happening to a minimum of 10s of thousands of people all across Ukraine.

  22. big people big vote smol people smol vote turkey big russia big turkey russia vote big germany france smol people

  23. Ya, exactly. France and Germany (and previously the UK) have biggest populations in the EU and so they set the agenda in the EU parliament. Their wealth amplifies their top dog political status. Since these countries usually agreed (more or less) on what EU policy should be, there often wasn't any very serious problems in deciding the direction of EU policy and making it law. That's not Erdogan or Putin. They both very often don't agree with France and Germany's agenda. So politically, it's not in their best interest to let Turkey in (and especially not Russia, which has 140+ million people - and I'm talking before Russia went to war with Ukraine in 2014).

  24. Turkey has 80m of population with pretty fonctional self industry and experienced, well equipped, diciplined army. That means if she get her membership she will be major player as France and Germany which is opposite to their interests. UK herself was aggressively eager to let Turkey be a member in her last times to break French-German influence on EU but yeah, we all saw what happened next. Being a major cultural Muslim population if not directly muslim won't help too, even though it is not a big reason as people often think.

  25. Ya, it's the same reason why Russia won't join. Too big. France and Germany like being top-dogs in the E.U.

  26. Here's an extended excerpt from the 1991 Iraq war article. In it, the U.S. military defends bombing civilian infrastructure.

  27. First off, props to you for actually posting sources.

  28. Hi, I think you're replying to the wrong post.

  29. It has to be kara boğa because it is the same in Mongolian (aka Eastern Bolgarian). But we have another choice: we will commit genocide in balkon_irl

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