1. Your coverage and neatness is quite good. The mini looks quite nice. I would however suggest a more limited color palette. Too many bright colors on one model tend to compete for attention, resulting in no real focal point. A good rule is to stick to 3-4 main colors. I do really like the colors on the head though. Well done!

  2. I love the white! I need to get some crisis protocol minis, they always look so great!

  3. Wow! I really like how it turned out! The hue shifts do a really good job of making it feel alive! I do agree you could use some more dark tones, but great job!

  4. drawing just to draw may not get you anywhere. What you need is very deliberate practice. Whenever you start a new piece or sit down to sketch, do it with purpose. Have a goal in mind, like improving anatomy or gesture, or shading, etc. youtube tutorials are an insanely valuable asset as well. they're how I managed to be "self taught"

  5. I think the closest thing would be genestealer cults. Its not quite exactly what they are, but its what i assumed they were before i read the lore.

  6. Anyone within range, makes bunching your models together risky at times

  7. 99.9% of the time it hurts every unit. You just have to read the exploding rule that will be on each units data sheet. It'll tell you how big the radius is, and how much damage to inflict.

  8. yall gotta listen to some Aesop Rock. you wont have time to think about nutting while your contemplating his lyrics. right now my fav song of his is "Bring Back Pluto". I'd suggest starting with anything from the impossible kid album.

  9. It's getting mad tough, but I gotta keep telling myself that if it was easy, it wouldn't be something to be proud of.

  10. I honest to God don't really know what drew me to them. I saw them and liked them, but I was like damn am I really gonna pick the gross legion? So I looked at the thousand sons for a while, but something kept pulling me back to them. It's probably because they have such unique and appealing silhouettes. I'm making an admech army right now but when that's done I plan on making a death guard army themed around fish and other ocean stuff. I got the inspiration from David soper's AOS plague marine on the boat.

  11. Admech are by far my favorite faction but that does bum me out sometimes because I frickin love painting faces. My second army is gonna be death guard tho so I'll have more than enough faces to paint then.

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