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  1. OP, you nailed it. TY for being a good human, you're spot on about all she could be going through. Who the hell walks away from all of that "okay"? :(

  2. At least they beat him with his own gun. It deeply saddens me that he was able to hurt and kill as many as he did, but to brave men took his gun out of his hands and beat him with it. I hope his actions make his family rethink things but I know that’s not likely because the shit never falls far from the asshole.

  3. Hi, how long did it take for your withdrawal symptoms to subside? I’m having really bad anxiety, especially about falling asleep.

  4. About six weeks. I drank a ton of Gatorade which helped. My dr also prescribed Hydroxizine to help with the anxiety, so if you have a PCP, I encourage you to ask if they can give that to you. The anxiety SUCKED!!! I'll never take that shit again. I have a friend of mine that got off of it, and she went through hell too. I never had any issues with sleep, but I know others have, so did my friend.

  5. I really appreciate your kind words and your response. I needed to hear this, as I’m week 2, and the anxiety is really taking its toll on me. I’ll have to ask my PCP about that medication! Again, thank you SO MUCH!

  6. You are so welcome, I do totally feel for you, it was a rough, several, weeks, but you will get through this. Good luck to you. :)

  7. Yo my friend, I'm female, but the one thing I do for myself daily is my make-up and it DEFINITELY makes me feel better about myself. Thank you for sharing, you did great! <3

  8. I could mail you something I suppose. I completely understand what you are going through. Do you have a pain management doctor? I can you 100% that alcohol does not help at all. I stopped drinking quite a while ago. Have you tried Marijuana for your condition?

  9. Smoking doesn't help, and I'm sure you get that everyone is different, and it actually exaggerates my pain. I do have a pain mang. team, even have a therapist. I have been trying all that I can to manage myself along with my medical team, and I really wish I was up for surgery. I do have a referral to go see a neurologist soon, and AGAIN, I'm going to try to advocate for myself as best as I can. I'm just tired of this shit, and I know everyone in this sub understands. <3

  10. Smoking doesn't help my pain at all either. Kind of helps me be accepting of it. I just found something that should help you actually. Kamini tablets on Ebay. They have Morphine in them apparently and certainly should help. Actually affordable too.

  11. Okay, thanks for that suggestion, I'm going to go check it out.

  12. So far I am hearing the only found one gun, if that holds then it seems unlikely she was firing it.

  13. Wake up in pain AND tired... Check ✅ Have to go to the bathroom URGENTLY shortly after waking and lighting a cigarette... Check ✅ Not being able to move because pain... Check ✅

  14. OP, I know we all relate, I sure do. Mornings are ALWAYS the worst, unless, the pain kept me up all f-ing night. I'm waiting on a phone call for a surgery consult, I want this shit to be over with.

  15. yeah, I generally avoid the state. It's really unfortunate that it's such a crappy place, because there is some AMAZING scenery, hiking, camping, etc there.

  16. I can’t remember, is Utah one of those silly ABC store states, where you have to go to an ABC store to buy any liquor? I’m from CA, where we have about a 4 hour window where you can’t buy alcohol, but other than that, you can buy everything, beer, wine, hard liquor, etc in the grocery store. I moved to MN, in my early 20s, and was very confused when we had to go to a completely different store for beer.

  17. Yep, that's exactly it. We were just breezing through on a Sunday, so no liquor stores were open and you could only buy beer. Glad we were just breezing through, just had to get to Idaho, lol.

  18. So is my son. Do you have jobs? My son is going through major anxiety and has a hard time leaving the house. I am just curious because I am at a loss and trying to find medical help.

  19. I want to mention that him playing games is him trying to escape from the anxiety he is having and it's truly helping him. Please see if you can get him some help so he can deal with whatever is troubling him. Anxiety is horrible and debilitating.

  20. Your husband is being an entitled asshole. Girl, I wasn't a virgin when I got married, I'm not having anal sex with anyone. He's a dick.

  21. Kids should always have autonomy they should always learn their NO is respected. That being said it wasn’t sexual or pedophilic, it wasn’t sexual. A mistake in parenting yes if the child doesn’t want to. Some kids do not care some do. All families are different. Different cultures too see nothing wrong showering w their kids especially families that don’t have access to clean water everyday which is very true for people in the US too

  22. Perfectly understandable. Parents need to respect their kids autonomy and recognize that they need different things at different ages

  23. Yeah, I really didn't need to see my mom's bush staring at me when I was 4-5 years old, no thanks. For the record, my parents were definitely NOT broke. Yuck!

  24. Not to sound like an ass, but where in Florida are you? I used to live there, have worked in the biz there, and yeah, you're in Florida, but if you're all the way in the panhandle, you'll likely be okay, same with some parts of the east coast. The media really hypes it up.

  25. Another story of why dogs can be dangerous. OP, hope you heal soon.

  26. Thank you, this happened back in the beginning of May. It's almost done healing. You could see something white I can't remember if it's a tendon or a ligament or what it was but when I move my fingers it would move. I've seen the flesh grow up and last I saw it it kind of looked like a little hallway with white on the bottom and the flesh growing up on both sides it hadn't covered it yet. Now there's just skin covering it so I don't know if the flesh covered it or stopped because the skin is there now. Or if it would have kept growing if there was a such thing as a scaffolding system and I could have had a buffer between my ligament and the skin. It hurts if I accidentally bump it.

  27. Ugh, that sounds painful. I'm sure it does hurt when you bump it. I'm hoping you saw a doctor for that, you could have long term damage if you don't. Hugs

  28. I don’t need to hear peoples comments about us not deserving to win

  29. Back in my day (1970's), my first pet was a garter snake. I used to catch live minoes for him and it was so damn cute watching him put his little head over the dish and catch them. Your video reminds me of this, however, your fish are dead, lol.

  30. *dog* shit. that or somebody has a very good log-chopping sphincter...

  31. It actually reminds me of horse shit when a horse is walking and craps along the way. WTF kinda dog is this?

  32. I was prescribed Cymbalta (Dytrex equivalent) a couple of years ago for my Rheumatoid Arthritis ( in conjunction with another medication for my RA). My Doctor said that Cymbalta is a very safe drug with very little side-effects; he did not mention anything about the withdrawal side-effects (I’m not sure if he really even knew the full extent of the withdrawal symptoms). Now, in 2022, my Arthritis is under control so I am happy to gradually wean off the Cymbalta. A couple of weeks into weaning off this medication, I was already going through hell, and I haven’t even taken it for a long period like some of the poor people who have commented in the last few years. I suffered from constant diarrhoea, nausea, dizziness, brain-zaps, sleeping problems, muscle jerks, restless legs, heart palpitations, easily emotional, easily moved to tears, loss of appetite. A few months further on into weaning off the Cymbalta, things were starting to get worse - I was getting constant ‘Hyperhidrosis’ (severe sweating of the heels, palms, underarms) - to the point that I was losing a lot of electrolytes in my body, and went to Emergency because I didn’t know what was wrong with me and why I wasn’t feeling better (I also had a viral cold at the same time, to complicate things more); I also realised that I was getting serious ‘Anxiety or Panic attacks’. As a normal thing, I just get a ‘little’ bit of anxiety at times, but Cymbalta has made everything so bad! I get anxiety attacks especially at night when I’m alone, I feel so scared to be alone by myself, I feel so trapped and I need to get out (it’s so hard to explain), and I suddenly have an uncontrollable fear of death, fear of everything that threatens my safety and my life, I can’t even explain why I fear, I just feel that I fear, without even knowing what exactly it is that I fear, things are just so literally crazy! I don’t feel like I am myself, my head always feels so cloudy, unclear, fuzzy; I feel a deep sense of hopelessness, depression, lacking motivation in doing anything, even the things that I use to enjoy doing before; I have memory loss, I use to be a very alert and switched-on type of person, now not anymore. I feel my life has been ruined, and my good future has been prematurely taken away from me. I don’t know if this anxiety attack will ever go away entirely, I don’t know if I will ever have a normal life like I did pre-Cymbalta. I pray for all those who have and will suffer from this drug, and can only hope that eventually the withdrawal effects may miraculously taper off. If I knew how bad the withdrawal side-effects were, I would ‘NEVER’ have taken Cymbalta, I would have tried some other drug for my RA. The withdrawal symptoms are so bad that it’s not worth taking Cymbalta because in the process you will gain more serious problems, some of them may even last for a long time, whether they may be permanent, I do not know. It is my hope, for the sake of us all, that they are not permanent withdrawal effects, such as my very scary and debilitating and paralysing ‘anxiety/panic attacks’. May we all help and support each other through this hellish journey.

  33. First off I want to say that I'm sorry that you've gone through all of this and reading through your post, as the days went on, you mirror a lot more of the experiences that I went through.

  34. Dear God that's horrifying. I seriously hope that dude was knocked unconscious. Don't tell me he had to see that

  35. Clean? Lol, it's a damn struggle, but thankfully I live with my fam and they do a lot of things so I don't have to. My pain is getting worse too, and quickly. I'm visiting at a friend's house and I kinda can't wait to get home so I can go back to laying on my bed all day.

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