1. Are you torquing the lugnuts down with a torque wrench or just a few uggas with the impact? Not sure of the spec bit say if it is 60 lbs and your putting 200+ on them they will stretch and crack.

  2. I torque them every time. I work at a tire shop so I installed them correctly haha. They were torqued to 100 ft lbs 3 weeks ago

  3. Ha got to ask with a impact in the picture. Where you getting the studs from? OEM from work? Have been seeing alot of fake junk on eBay and Amazon lately. Could be a combo of bad batch for OEM and alot of pot holes.

  4. I bought the studs from autozone and Oreilys both different brands both snapped. The car gets raced and does donuts etc. the car gets beat on and it’s running skinnies upfront which is the wheel that snapped but it’s only breaking on that wheel. So I’m thinking the wheel is the problem

  5. The cam shaft sensors were recently replaced

  6. Well I guess going back to the basics, determine that's you're getting air, fuel, and spark to the cylinder, lmk if you need help doing that

  7. I just pulled the fuel injectors and they’re Not spraying very much fuel. I posted the video on this thread of that.

  8. It looks a little light but could be normal for those injectors, I wouldn't condemn them yet if they're all firing, check spark and go from there.

  9. Jesus that stuff has to be like molasses. Hopefully it doesn’t need that because there is a problem they are trying to mask.

  10. He said “it’s better for getting hot”

  11. Hopefully not it’s been running fine for the last 2 months just need a tune

  12. That’s your power steering pump, verify fluid is in it and it’s not aerated. If that’s all fine the pump is bad.

  13. That’s a power steering pump, correct?

  14. Tbh idk I haven’t looked into it yet just got a quick vid. I’ll check tomorrow tho. The ac was removed so I thought it was a replacement for where the compressor went.

  15. They didn't even have tuners back in the day when everyone was making those mods. Hell, Brew2l on youtube has a turbo car (maybe it was supercharged, I forget on that car) on the stock ecu. I am sure he is upgrading but I am not sure the bolt ons require much of a retune

  16. I’m having problems with the car cutting out when I get on it sometimes

  17. Check your basics before having it tuned. Fuel , air and spark. Could be something pretty basic. Cutting out under a load is usually fuel starvation. Spark will be consistently bad if that was the issue.

  18. Everything is brand new so idk where to even start but I’ll search around

  19. It has a notch in it it can only go in one way

  20. Did you just change the blades ? Then they might be incorrectly installed, else you probably need a new wiper arm

  21. I just bought the car I’m just gonna replace the arms

  22. They look brand new maybe they were just installed wrong?

  23. because i have worked on so many cars over the past 43 years..

  24. I’ll do those when I get the chance thank you

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