1. Lots of possibilities here, under reporting MAF, low fuel psi, vac leak..... Live scan tool data would probably give you some direction. Otherwise it's time to load up the parts cannon.

  2. I had the car smoke tested and there was no vacuum leaks. I replaced spark plugs, coil packs and pcv and the fuel trim was fine. So I have a maf coming in hoping that’s going to be it.

  3. The car was smoke tested today and no leaks

  4. Is 350 an engine size or a part of the mileage. Also, a make and model of the vehicle would most likely be beneficial.

  5. It’s in the heading of the post it’s a 2007 Lexus is350 with 120k miles

  6. It looks like a low voltage code which immediately makes me think battery. How old is the battery? What is it rated for and what did it test at?

  7. One week old lol and I had it load tested it stayed at 13.3

  8. Hmm. Does it clear? Or immediately come back?

  9. Clear it and see if it comes back. If it comes back and the battery/alternator are fine it may be an issue with a ground or the harness.

  10. Battery and alt are good and clearing the code does nothing so I’ll start checking the harness

  11. could be a bad battery or terminals. or wiring powering ecu

  12. Battery and alt are brand new and I just had them load tested and they were good

  13. My local muffler shop charged me $50 for pretty much the same thing…

  14. only a complete tear down and magnafluxing of the block will tell if the bottom of the bore is cracked making sleeving impossible..

  15. Yeah but it’s a roller block which was only made for a few years so they’re harder to get at least around me

  16. Not sure I'd bother with a 4 hour drive for a possibly useless 351W block. You'll have to tear it down and have it checked for cracks to determine if it's useable. I know they are getting older and harder to find but should be able to find something closer to you.

  17. I’ve been looking for months and can’t find anything it’s a roller block to which makes it a lot harder to find

  18. Plug wires look misrouted and nasty in the video. They are probably crossfiring and/or have damage and are shorting to ground.

  19. I think I put the spark plug wires on the ignition cap wrong haha I’ll have the check another time I’m replacing the headers rn. Is there a way to find a diagram for how they are suppose to be?

  20. It’s got a full tune up new distributor and it’s been timed so what do you think would be causing it?

  21. Definitely looks like capacitor goo under the conformal coating on the board. You can try removing them and cleaning up the mess but you need to make sure that they haven’t eaten the traces off the board on the underside. The coating is meant to keep moisture off the components but also does a great job of spreading the electrolyte all over the place.

  22. That’s what I was thinking too, already have a new ecm on the way.

  23. Hard to make out details when zoomed, but it looks like several of the capacitors are leaking. To the left of the blue one in the top right. the black chip below that, and the small ones running just off the right side. Maybe a better zoomed picture would show some more definitive failures.

  24. Forsure, there is a sticky thick type of film all over the board which I assume is from the capacitors leaking I already have a new ecm on the way was just looking to get some conformation

  25. You need to verify power to relay. You should have one constant hot, 1 trigger hot, a ground and a hot out.

  26. Would I use a multimeter to verify that?

  27. I would so you can verify voltage. Test light can show power. But if voltage is low you get tricked. Thinking you have power but in reality you don't have enough power to it.

  28. Sounds good I’ll check when I’m off work tomorrow

  29. Replace all 4 if it’s too expensive rn go to discount tire and finance them 6 months interest free.

  30. Purge valve is stuck open and the engine vacuum is trying to suck the sides in on the tank whenever the canister vent is closed ..... That would be my first guess.

  31. I’ll just replace the purge valve because it’s cheap enough

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