[OC] The gifts I made for my party for Xmas!

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  1. I cant believe that coward tried to jump through the window to escape

  2. Since I started collecting a bit over a year ago, Blue Oyster Cult is a band I look for quite a bit. Found this from an online seller who made me a good offer. They're all first pressings in incredible condition, except for the stain on one.

  3. The Gunslinger. I found it boring and almost didn't pick up the next one in the series.

  4. This is my favorite response to a writing prompt ever. You did something great!

  5. I didn't want this video to end! Really well done!

  6. When talking about sitka Alaska "oh it's great, you can just grab a halibut by the gils and fuck it right in the face"

  7. The last one was one I listened to last week and I was dying. When Jimmie was describing how much fun it can be to dance to country music and James just said "What the fuck are you talking about?"

  8. Isn't this the infamous live album that Dio & Iommi fought over the mixing of?

  9. I read something about that.

  10. From 1983 on Warner Brothers records. This is a double live album from Dio-era Black Sabbath with about half the songs from stuff originally sang by Ozzy. I bought it used for $20.00 and it's in great condition.

  11. My friend gave me her family's old collection of 45s. A few hundred of them. This is the best one so far.

  12. Bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding.

  13. Decent lineup. But how is Neil Diamond either country OR classical?

  14. I'm pretty sure it was a Country Squire. Definitely a wagon.

  15. I did not expect that this would be such a popular item, and it's great to learn the history from this community!

  16. This is a complication double LP from 1974. The first record is country and folk songs featuring Roy Clark singing in his very soothing voice, as well as playing guitar or banjo. The second record is all instrumentals.

  17. I just saw them on this current US tour. They sounded incredible

  18. Sure, I'm not your boss. Maybe there's a kink for that.

  19. Thanks! Been get back into deadlifting after a hiatus from it, so it feels good to be progressing at a good pace. Couldn't even get 365 off the platform 2 weeks ago. I'm sure you'll get there in no time.

  20. Got there tonight, 365 twice.

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