1. I finished 1b with a average about 76 and now (2b)my average is about 81. Not quite well but things are getting better 🥹.

  2. I'm also a waterloo student. I don't know them personally but because I'm in cs, that person might've been in the same room as me for one of their assessments.

  3. Man I'm in UW Eng. This is horrible. I hope he rests in peace, and his family can find some peace eventually.

  4. Did you complete AIF and the interview? How was it?

  5. You have to do both to be considered. AIF is pretty straightforward but you have to start early!!!!!.

  6. Social life is good, but if you're an eng student expect to not have a great one. In most cases, you'll have to study more than other majors (except for maybe math and CS)

  7. is someone arranging something? cause we literally just need a space, lights and stuff

  8. go to e2 1772 and just walk down the hall and go talk to weef TAs there

  9. ye i've done that but I'd rather do something like read a textbook or something. You know any textbooks that could help?

  10. lmao calling Indians disgusting. Look tech companies bruh. Half the CEOs nowadays are Indians lol (ex. Google/Alphabet, Microsoft, Twitter, IBM)

  11. chill. I didn't even do my ABS and I got into all my WLU programs. Ended up going to Tron at UW tho lol

  12. This is literally me. I'm from the Downtown core (Toronto) so it's a big change. Hmu if you're down to hang out on campus tho :)

  13. High marks. The SE director also asked for my resume when I applied to transfer, so imo having a good resume that demonstrates interests in coding also helps a bit.

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