1. Yea Jake Shields is pretty cringe. Destiny has the correct take you can look but just don’t stare like a fucking creep.

  2. How tf do they justify that? But someone has to tell Redpill guys since they justify women cheating being so much worse because if you ignore the existence of paternity tests, it makes it impossible to know if the child is really yours.

  3. I think it's reasonable to ask for a court order, and in cases where the father actively recognizes a kid as his it shouldn't be that easy, but for cases where there are doubts it should be at least more like here in Germany than in France where it seems to be pretty hard even if it's necessary. If you and the mother are fighting and you know she cheated, I don't think I would want to have to beg the court too much to prove if it's my kid or not that I have to pay for 18 years

  4. You may not like it but this is what peak male performance looks like. This man is perfection.

  5. It's all making sense now. DestinyVaush_4ever has been middle guy the whole time

  6. Thank you very much for that theory, aand wanna let you know folks, if it's your first time in my comment section, I am a neutral person hosting debates on science, politics and religion, I hope you feel welcome no matter what walk of life you're from, aand don't forget we have many more juicy upcoming debates, remember to like and subscribe

  7. It's definitely different, that's for sure. Maybe this isn't representative of the country but my family spent more time fuming at Obama specifically than they do at Biden today.

  8. That's really surprising to me, I definitely expected some hate for Obama but I thought the birther stuff and people doubting his legitimacy was a niche thing, why do you think your family had that view? And are they "ok" with Biden or is it just that they hated Obama more?

  9. Thanks for the insight man! Do you think if they could choose between Biden and Obama they'd go for Biden? It's interesting to see people's views on this, especially as an outside it felt like Obama was much more popular and didn't had to deal with opposition like this, in comparison to that it feels like Biden has no chance to reach half of the country constantly, but hearing that is really surprising. Would you say at some level they "appreciate" Biden for being more centrist or at least appearing to be more like the type of politician that they grew up with?

  10. It's one of the reasons why the books that continue the story are so good. They didn't shy away from showing that Aang's mercy had consequences.

  11. you dont think the illegals usa gets from south and central america are refugees? Are only muslim and African illegals refugees?

  12. Doesn't America take like 30k refugees or so every year? Idk what those are called but it seems like they aren't defined as refugees

  13. Well, I'm like him, he tells me everytime he streams and we are friends anyway so why should that be any of your business what advice I listen to?

  14. Well, there is no option for remote ED position, so I’m fine with it.

  15. Bro's got the remote Erectile Disfunction, what's wrong with just having a local one like the rest of us dawg fr fr

  16. You're interpreting it wrong. A woman will have less options and a man will have more. That simple.

  17. Her amount of options never decreases, if she gets more picky she just limits herself but she could get the same guys she could get before

  18. She will get more picky in general. That's Myron's point. Men won't. In fact, they have access to the more picky women and the less picky women from when they earned less.. hence "doors open". Do you follow it now?

  19. No because you don't get the difference. If you limit yourself your options don't decrease, you willingly decide to change your priorities but your pool of people interested in you stays exactly the same (or increases). Men don't have any say in this, more women are interested in them which leads directly to them having more options. Women get rich, their options stay the same unless they willingly decide to cut off some part of the pool for financial reasons etc. which they can do or not, it's up to them so no door closing on them

  20. Vaush, he's like Destiny in younger and more autistic and manly. His vocabulary is also probably 2-3 times larger. His drama stuff is usually pretty short and uninteresting, it's obvious that the only online relationship he cares about is between him and Steven Destiny himself

  21. Bigger nerd, but not nearly as intelligent (not saying he isn’t intelligent, because he is)

  22. It's the opposite my friend, this name gives me status and power in this sub, I am able to get support for my cause and simultaneously spread my schizo ideas here which resonate quite pleasantly with the local Sub inhabitants, don't worry about me in that regard, Find God

  23. It's a running joke on the sub. The first commenter is on a crusade to get Vaush and Dman on good terms again, so the common response is to laugh at them. The subversive joke is to encourage them despite the uselessness because the attempt is cute, like the person I replied to was doing. I was adding another layer of irony by comparing them to Kanye West, whose delusions were deemphasised by people to prioritise laughing at how wacky his behaviour was

  24. Wenn Olaf Scholz 1 Millionen Fans hat, bin ich einer von ihnen. Wenn Olaf Scholz 5 Fans hat bin ich einer von ihnen. Wenn Olaf Scholz einen Fan hat, bin ich das. Wenn Olaf Scholz keine Fans hat, bin ich nicht am Leben. Wenn die ganze Welt gegen Olaf Scholz ist, bin ich gegen die ganze Welt. Für immer und ewig bis zum letzten Atemzug unterstütze ich Olaf Scholz.

  25. I wouldn't blame social medias treatment of him entirely, though it surely had a part. A mix out of this and him being stupid / confident. Saw his initial reaction to Tate recently and it's sad af

  26. Destiny aka "Sheikh Bonell" thinks it's haram and he tried to confort one of them and debate them out of it

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