1. Like told her he got one and then WHOOPS a baby, or lied about going to get one?

  2. She’s the one who said it. She basically says “he kept telling me he got a vasectomy but I kept getting pregnant” super nonchalantly

  3. Karissa said that he told her that he got one several times but she kept getting pregnant. Bizarro

  4. Bethany flail dancing and obsessively making hundreds of reels in the corner somewhere 👀

  5. So many things wrong here. Her face. The filter. The spelling. The food. Her entire existence. Embarrassing

  6. Yeah I think I’m going to unlearn how to read now

  7. Hehe my premie is in the hospital again cause I’m a neglectful, sucky mother 🤪😜😇😂🙃😘🥴😵‍💫🤑💩

  8. Oh so the woman that hates having daughters also hates women and people of color. Shocker

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