1. None because I used my AMC stock winnings last year to buy a new video card and a couple NVME SSDs. That gamble paid off reasonably well.

  2. Will the bundles be available to buy separately as DLC? Or are those locked to buying specifically that Series S. I wouldn't mind getting the Fall Guys bundle and I certainly don't hope I have to resort to eBay for it.

  3. hope you are ready to not see any stats, no hardcore mode and no barracks and a poor weapon leveling and unlock method. i got this last night and have already refunded its just so pointless with zero stats or gain.

  4. Oh awesome! I’m glad the game is getting some support I think it is enjoyable. I have about 50 hours in and am now trying to go collect everything I missed. Lots of flowers and a couple side quests and somehow I am still missing a weapon.

  5. Nintendo store Black Friday sale starts November 20 w/ some sales in select stores.👍

  6. Loads to 33% or black screen for me! Ive been logging into Crunchyroll via a mobile web browser then mirroring from phone to roku works so far.

  7. I could imagine my old PS4 Pro sounding like a Saturn V rocket trying to run this.

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