1. I have 3 different shake jars that all look different. It's my biggest problem with the term shake. I can dm u pics if you want to see what 3 different shakes from 3 different companies looks like and see how screwed the term shake is atm lol

  2. The extended editions? Either way, you're in for a treat.

  3. Well, browsing all the coas, it's all high cbda with little thca. Am I mistaken here? 😳

  4. Filter by THCa when on the flower page to see the type 2’s. Gbo is amazing

  5. Order on 6th and still saying pre shipment. I usually get my order by now. Got me spoiled

  6. Does it make transformer noises when you hit it? If not, that's what it is missing

  7. After they got busted for coas they only had 1 product on their site. Sounds like the end of grandpa to me

  8. Did they get "busted" for COAs? I saw someone post a single lab report with zero context or explanation and then a bunch of ignorant, fritadas jumping to conclusions over it. Labs can be done at multiple points for the same harvest, there are legitimate reasons why a company would have different THC levels on the same harvest. We don't know anything other than 2 different reports exist for the same harvest, and the day before this happened most of their site was already Out of Stock anyways.

  9. A few posts were made followed by someone doing a search on the previous business name change, etc. Just sketchy all the way around for me, and I really wanted to try them as I love old-school shitty looking herb 🌿

  10. It's easier to not say anything and just whip out ur dynavap and start torching and watch the look on their face. When asked ,yes...yes its crack.

  11. Damn I just saw something like this yesterday. If my dumb brain will work ill post where I saw it

  12. Dude, this is a great idea for a book. Genuinely, a buddy scifi with two underachieving alcoholic aliens would be great.

  13. I dunno I mean, look at humans. We operate and use shit that we have no idea how it works. (Cars,phones,pcs) Humans would still be flinging poo if it wasn't for like 10 really smart ones imo.

  14. I wish this particular circle had been mainstream or in any way scrutinized more publicly. Show me an artist who can do this kind of work in a day and I will work for you, ma’am! It’s insanity to believe people made this, especially without proof. Many of these circles have physical deformations in the nodes of the plant as well as intangible weaving patterns that seem way too sophisticated for an overnight board-and-rope-lol.

  15. If you search on YouTube for sand and sound and watch the first few videos on resonance. I'm pretty sure this how they make the crop circles. 🤔

  16. This is why I'm a lil scared to upgrade to something like the mighty. I use a dynavap m and a potv one and do good but I'd imagine I'd go through more herb once I get hung on the big boys

  17. I’ve only ever used the straight stem, I wonder if the bendy would be better??

  18. That's what I was thinking lol but I kinda want want of the glass cooling stems. The dynavap ones fit apparently

  19. Do you like the bendy over the straight stem? I'm looking to pick up a few more stems for my potv one

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