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  1. Do you have it in your bio that a subscription includes chat? Maybe that will help 🤷‍♀️ sorry if that’s already been mentioned but there’s a lot of comments here hahah I hate guys like that too that just expect you to have all the time in the world to chat to them like everyone else in your actual life doesn’t matter 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ they don’t know how much work it is to make content and edit and promote let alone have a life

  2. I’ve actually deleted my account.. didn’t think it was worth it to pay monthly for something that might get me one sale here or there. (I didn’t get any in the month I was on there btw) OH and after I deleted my account they still charged me 😆 they said I had to cancel the “membership” to stop getting billed then delete my account! Idk how that makes sense!! But anyways I reported it as fraud so oh well! But I honestly wouldn’t waste your time on that site or really any like that. You can sell on here too or insta but it’s still really hard

  3. I’ve tried selling feet pics on instagram and made a feetfinder account… on insta people were just flooding my dms with scams and feetfinder guys wanted a toooonnnnn of pics for only $5 which doesn’t make sense to me since a lot of time goes into it for so little. I’ve heard people making money off it but I haven’t so I voted no but I guess it depends how much you promote.. definitely seems like a lot more promoting needs to go into it than selling nudes. Just my opinion though! If anything I’d definitely give it a try since they’re only feet and if you have success that’s great!

  4. Comment a lot! Meaningful comments can get you karma. Another way I learned about is you get a free reward to give out every so often (for me it’s every couple of days it seems but I guess it varies) so check everyday and just give it to a post or comment you think deserves it! Other than that I’m not really sure as I’m still learning about Reddit myself!

  5. Thank you so much!! I’m also new to the reddit community and this is very confusing😂 How do I give some one a reward?

  6. If you go to your Reddit coins it should pop up and you just click it and it’ll give you a random free reward! Then you’ll see you can give it to someone (a post or comment)

  7. I’ve posted this a couple times in comments looking for karma but you get a free reward every couple of days or so so when you give it away you’ll get karma for it☺️

  8. I don't know ANY site where you go on there for ONE hour and get rich.

  9. Yeah I wasn’t expecting to “get rich” in an hour lol I was just giving my experience since I found out about it on your post but I just thought it was weird with the amount of people I had watching my live. And it was also strange how I was trying to talk and NO ONE would respond or say anything. I titled one of them “ask me anything” kind of like ice breakers or to get to know potential followers but only 1 person did and again there were a couple hundred people watching so I’m just confused on that. I was just trying it out (the site I usually go on wasn’t working so figure I’d give this a try) I honestly felt comfortable on there even showing my face which I like and I’ll definitely keep going back after I figure it out a little better.

  10. Well we can learn together. If you want I can send you a free one year trial to my OF so we can stay in contact. Just let me know. Or DM me your email and I'll send you what I've got so far. I do How to this or that on everything I do. It's where I go watch the videos and read the articles and I do a draft on my email and keep notes that way. I just started a How to Bigo Live. So it basically walks you through

  11. Sure I’ll follow you! Here’s my free “teaser” account

  12. I usually just put an emoji over whatever nude part is showing!

  13. I have both.. more consistent with onlyfans but trying to be better with fansly but I’ve been uploading everything from my onlyfans onto fansly and whenever I post on onlyfans I do the same on fansly. It’s more so just for people who prefer one over the other ☺️

  14. Ok so I’m still getting used to fansly but this honestly helped! I’m always looking for ways to keeps subs and this seems like a good one. Thank you for your tip ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Ok so I’ve been so curious about games! How does this work??? This seems like a great idea to interact with fans but I’ve never tried it

  16. So for spin the wheel you usually offer your content. You just go on google or an app and type in spin the wheel. Then fill out the sections with content you make (twerking video, tit pic, stripping video, ass pic etc) Then take a screen shot of the wheel when you’ve filled it out and send it to your fans as a mass message. I usually do: 1 spin = $6 2 spins= $10 3 spins = $15 Then you just do a screen recording of you spinning the wheel and send them what they’ve won Hopefully that helps❤️

  17. I would make a sub account in addition to your free page. Post sneak peaks or pictures with emojis over nudity on your free page and tell your subs in either the bio or welcome message that that’s your free sneak peak account and if they want to see more to subscribe to your other account! I did this and it seems like it’s helping so people know a little bit of what they’re getting with the free page ! That was you don’t have to ask for tips you’ll just get the sub price and you can have them tip you for customs or something. Most subs will tip if they enjoy just talking to you so keep that in mind too!

  18. That’s a good idea, I may try that! Thank you so much for the advice and for taking the time to reply!

  19. Just tell them it’s your teaser account and direct anyone who wants nudes to your sub account!

  20. This happened to me from an in-store purchase the other day. It seems like they generate the phone number for your account from your payment card, because I used a different card than usual and it linked to an old phone number of mine. I tried giving him my actual rewards phone number and email instead, but it still didn't take, so after 3 days I did the online chat and they were able to add them. Good luck!

  21. Omg I didn’t know they had an online chat!! Is it through the app??

  22. I'm not sure if you can do it through the app, but they do have it on the website. It's the little blue speech bubble in the bottom right corner.

  23. i’m still pretty new to of but i had my tiktok account since before i started and so far it’s been okay!! i don’t post like overly sexual stuff at all but some cleavage here and there and direct people to my insta with my of link! i don’t have a large following on insta maybe like 120 followers but most of my reels get thousands of views with the most being 30k and have gotten some fans from it :)

  24. That’s a good idea! I don’t have big boobs so no cleavage here hahah but I’ve been trying to think of more to post that’s not “sexual “ since I feel like guys like that too ! Damn look at you go!! I’m lucky if I get 200 views hahah but I’m still new to reels so I’m trying!!

  25. it’s okay same here haha push up bras!!!! i used to work at victoria’s secret and they have bombshell bras that adds two cup sizes! also corset tops!! i love them! good luck with everything!

  26. Never thought of a corset!! That’s a great idea hahah I hate bras in general 🥴

  27. I’ve tried to sell on Etsy and within the first 2 days I got banned 🥴 and I was only trying to sell underwear (didn’t post anything bad or any nudity) and now they said I can never sell ! I would skip it lol just my option though because now I’d actually like to sell other things and can’t 🤷‍♀️

  28. I have a big booty for a white girl… nice and bubbly 😉🍑

  29. Thank you for this!!!! I’ve been on onlyfans for a little bit and am having little success. I’ve stepped back a bit just to focus on strategy and how I want to do everything. I feel like that’s a huge thing too! You need to know how you want your page to work before you promote so you know HOW to promote!! I’ve honestly been loving all these tips though ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Just by the way this guy was talking saying things like “you unique” not proper English is a huge red flag! I never take people who can’t talk correctly serious and don’t give them my time! They should know they have to pay to chat. And realize if we, as creators, talked to everyone who wanted to we would never have time for anything else!

  31. Just followed you, and gave a bunch of 💓☺️ (

  32. yessss reels really do work. im faceless also my insta is april.rae420 (it’s pinned on my reddit). i’ll follow you

  33. What’s your insta??! I love following other girls to support❤️

  34. Do you offer strip and solo play content already? Or is this way over and above what's on your page?

  35. Thanks! He requested the 5 minutes and strip solo play (I had already asked him what he wanted to see) & I don’t have many videos posted just a couple shaking the booty and whatnot but they’re not very long. But your response helped so thank you!

  36. I love this!! I just followed you on my accounts 😘

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