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  1. Yes I struggled with that too and have no explanation! Hope someone else does. 🙈

  2. I started in January (50mg a month later and then 60mg the month after). I was 72kg when I started medication and now, almost a year later, I hover between 64-66kg. The weight loss got steadier and slower. I’ve gained muscle too. My appetite came back (slightly) and sensory issues went away (mostly). I wouldn’t worry too much if it’s reasonable weight loss - just know this won’t last permanently. I’m small too (5ft).

  3. I’m on month 10 of Elvanse 60mg. Still good! Still ADHD as fuck.

  4. I agree looking for prices was a faff, I just phoned round a bunch of places, and chose the one I got a good vibe from as the prices were all similar.

  5. This is so funny, I’ve written something almost exactly the same (down to formatting as well) and sent to a bunch of people on Reddit about my experience. With Harley psychiatrists as well. 😂

  6. You (or your housemate, or your landlord) can find a replacement tenant to replace you on the tenancy agreement, but from the landlord’s perspective you’ve agreed to pay rent for 12 months and you can be held to that unless a replacement is found.

  7. Thank you very much! I spoke to the agency that acts as intermediary (technically, they work for the landlord I guess). They said they’re able to support me with bringing this up to the landlord (she’s had has her own negative interactions with flatmate). I need to find out the logistics of what that would look like.

  8. You have an option of getting someone in to replace you, if your flatmate and the person you are leasing from agree.

  9. We were acquaintances and we’ve tried to make things work as strictly just flatmate’s. I’m sure it could be resolved but I can’t live with someone with volatile anger issues. There’s always the danger of them blowing up.

  10. It doesn't sound like it is pleasant for you but you are more than likely going to be safe, even if you are a bit scared right now.

  11. I know you mean well but your last comment was not helpful - I shouldn’t have to explain the incident to justify feeling unsafe. Staying here isn’t an option for me long-term, regardless of whether or not I feel safe or not scared anymore.

  12. It depends on your body’s ability to metabolise stimulants. For me, I’d run through that in 5-6 hours (I’m now on 60mg) but for some people, 30mg is the right dose. I just kept a rough log for the first week or so of when I took it and when it wore off. I had quite pronounced wearing off but obvs YMMV

  13. For me I took it at 6am and was literally WIDE AWAKE at 2 am still.

  14. Dayum… I’m a smol 5’0 woman and 30mg just goes straight through me…

  15. This sounds ridiculous because Elvanse made me feel invincible but it’s worth sharing… it took me a while to realise that I needed to: eat well, sleep well, exercise and not do TOOOO much work in order for Elvanse to work well. On days when my body is not 100%, I feel awake on Elvanse but don’t realise how silly I’m being. But my brain is clearly not functioning on 100% on those days but it took a while for me to realise. Shocking revelation, I know 😂

  16. You’ll be wasted before the poisoning. For me I’ll get drunk on half the amount of alcohol which I normally would consume.

  17. That’s so interesting! I don’t “feel” drunk even when I obviously am on days when I take Vyvanse. I’m always like “what was that - water???” And then my drink spills out of my hand… I feel better with drinking on days I’ve skipped my meds for sure.

  18. Definitely agree with the shake. I’m 9 months into Vyvanse and I still struggle with eating. Sensory issues on 1000% - the idea of smelling the oil from falafel made me want to gag yesterday at lunch. I still can’t eat properly.

  19. Yeah! My sister said to me once “everything a spectrum. Gender, emotions, race, mental capacity, artists, and so on. - a spectrum isn’t a line or a graph. It’s like an obtuse color wheel, with a million different ‘colors’ that represent traits. You throw a dart at 100 different places on that color wheel.. you’re going to get 100 different colors with 100 different traits that make that color. That color is humans”

  20. Me tooo! I HATED it when I was a kid. It’s taken a lot of getting used to now - I’m too vain about my skin to not use regular face wash. Submerging my face while swimming, I HATE. Anyone splashing me with water, hell no. Actually, even with face wash - I wet my hands and then my face. Then do all the scrubbing etc. and then scrunch my eyes and try and get through washing as quickly as possible. I don’t like water on my face. Weirdly, I also hate having foundation on my face. I don’t like the wetness of it or the sensation. And I hate it even more when someone else puts it on my face. Took me a long time to not hate face masks (especially the mud and clay ones). I don’t hate them when I do it but getting a facial done, I really hate.

  21. Are you familiar with PMDD? It sounds like you were experiencing

  22. Oh wow. Got diagnosed for ADHD in jan. Meds “make” me more autistic (less drowned out by ADHD). PMS has always been shit for me. Now it’s PMDD every month since I started meds. Yay, it all makes sense 🙃

  23. Hi! I couldn’t tolerate the nausea AT ALL so, after a conversation with my therapist, decided to revisit it in a few months. I’ve figured out that a lot of it is because meds bring out my autistic traits wrt to emotional (dys)regulation so I’m working on that in therapy. That and I had a lot of uncertainty in my life which is no longer the case - has also helped a ton.

  24. I've only been on Vyvanse for a couple of weeks but before that I was on dexamfetamine and shit got DARK a couple of weeks before my period. I have an IUD so it's hard to track, but there was a noticeable dip.

  25. Thank you! I did speak to her yesterday and we’re adding sertraline for the 8-10 days before my period. Not excited but no unaliving is good. 😓

  26. Heard something dodge about Harley on a previous post. And when I looked up the official lists I couldn't find them. Might be my shoddy searching.

  27. Had a poke around about Harley on the sub and couldn’t really find anything negative.

  28. Ah didn't know about there being two Harleys. Thanks

  29. Of course! Harley Therapy’s main ADHD doctor is supposed to be really renowned - Stephen Humphries. They were £2.5K for assessment and 3 month wait so, with my abundance of patience, I went with the other clinic (£700 and 2 weeks). 😂

  30. Agree with the person who said she might be a bit young for diagnosis. If you aren’t planning on medicating her, you might be able to hold off on diagnosis for a few years. Until then, it might be really helpful for you to learn more about it. It’ll help you understand her and can maybe even use strategies that help ADHD children regardless of diagnosis - a lot of those strategies are helpful for neurotypicals as well! I got diagnosed at 29 and wish I had known when I was younger (maybe as a preteen/teenager). That said, my mum is also on the spectrum and has ADHD like me so a lot of her coping mechanisms and strategies helped me too. She always understood me better than anyone else and I’m grateful I had that at least.

  31. I just wanted to say I’m really really sorry you’re experiencing this. I had it happen to me once with a private clinic - a whole bunch of unfortunate incidents and I ran out of meds. It’s incredibly frustrating and feels very dehumanising to have to beg for your medication. I always squirrel away extra meds now because that was such a distressing experience. No advice from me, just that I can empathise.

  32. Saturday - psytrance at electric Brixton. Ajja, Earthling etc

  33. dexamphetamine is slightly different from adderall as adderall is mixed amphetamine salts (I think adderall is like 3/4 dex though so they are very similar)

  34. Oooo thank you! That’s helpful, I didn’t know. Also didn’t know about the hypoglycaemia!

  35. take that one with a pinch of salt because I can't find a good source, and it seems as though stimulants might actually increase blood sugar levels! (in which case I guess proteins would help by stabilising blood sugars down, whereas other food sources could cause you to spike yet further)

  36. Delete delete delete. I used to have them all in my “hidden” folder but then I had to hide everything to do with him after the breakup. Took me finally getting over it a year later to have the emotional bandwidth to go back and delete. It just felt wrong to have and I’d hope he’s done the same. I’d feel weird if he was still looking at them. I have pictures of us together still hidden (no sexy pics but romantic ones I guess). Idk what I’d do with those once I’m in something more serious. There still just… there.

  37. Also just wanted to add to what the other person said about taking it everyday. Obviously go off of what your doctor has said. Mine required me to take it everyday until we were on a stable dose that I was happy with (4 months in maybe)? And then gave me autonomy to decide when to skip or take it.

  38. Eek ok. I feel like I’ve totally fucked this up now 🤦🏼‍♀️

  39. I’m on 60mg of Vyvanse too and only recently realised I might be autistic (undiagnosed). I’m exactly the same on 1 and 2. I used to refuse to skip meds until recently because it helped me feel less overwhelmed with emotions. But I’m starting to now - it’s overwhelming to be “on” all the time. And I feel driven to always have a PLAN and take action when I’m medicated and that’s really exhausting.

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