1. Grape and kiwi are my favorites. This is my daily drink now

  2. ok paid shill. candy ≠ for kids. life isn’t that simple.

  3. You're considered a paid shill for disliking a product and discussing it? Weird. Many people think the candy themed flavors and marketing of ghost and ryse ect are targeted for kids.

  4. Pure Ohio wellness, lighthouse science and Buckeye relief

  5. Where are you to still be able to find Papillons! I'd DIE for one of those right now 😭😱

  6. You can get them at Walmart in a 12pack variety of juice monsters

  7. OG Assault my brother in christ WHERE

  8. I dunno, but going up against prime time college football isn't going to be kind to the ratings.

  9. Yeah I mean if I gotta chose between collision vs an osu game I'm picking osu almost everytime. Going to have to work hard to get us to sway

  10. I get that this is a space for ranting and conversing but I truly wish more people would realize your bad experience does not equal how the experience is everywhere.

  11. Oh no not reddit! How ever else will you talk shit like a child on xbox live to strangers?! 🤡

  12. You can find at all Casey's and some random gas stations

  13. They used to be better than they are now


  15. Surprised at the lack of Cena vs Orton on here. I remember how much people hated that feud by time they were both champs and fought to unify.

  16. I mean they will fire you if you don’t complete your route and Rts. If you don’t care about being fired then sure

  17. They won’t fire you. They’ll just stop scheduling you and force you to quit. Apply for unemployment due to reduced hours

  18. I’m not going to dump it out but I’m definitely not going out of my way for it

  19. After last night, it seems SummerSlam is likely when they finally pull the trigger. Cody is ready, the crowd is firmly behind him, and the Bloodline is crumbling. If they somehow stretch this out another 10+ months I would be shocked.

  20. It’s incredibly easy to stretch another 10 months. Cody is fighting Brock again at SummerSlam and Roman will either fight jimmy or tag match with solo against the Usos. He’s also reported to take time off this year, don’t have to create a story to stretch if he isn’t there

  21. Not "rare" just not distributed by coca cola anymore so places that rely on them for their monster supply don't get it

  22. It's both in the US, it was one, then they quietly changed it to the other.

  23. They did not. True north was discontinued. If you saw pure north it was stores buying independently

  24. is that why true north is always at dollar tree?! i came here to say true north. it’s so bad

  25. I’m willing to bet lol. In my area it’s at a lot of big lots marked down, even the 2 flavors Coca Cola didn’t distribute here.

  26. Dakota is the one with pink, white blond and brown in her hair.

  27. He’s a troll. He knows who is who. Don’t entertain

  28. Now imagine those sales on product actually priced affordably. That’s how they get you, thinking you’re walking away with a killer deal when it’s just overpriced and now looks affordable.

  29. You literally shop deals exclusively, every single thing you buy is a deal. That’s the point.

  30. Do you realize the joke flew right over your head mate?

  31. Look up any of the hundreds of guides on this. It's all reddit has talked about in weeks

  32. Literally would have been just as easy to comment the actual answer. Some of us don't live religiously on

  33. If I'm being toxic to my teammate I'm usually on voice chat with them laughing about it.

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