1. If someone is firing a gun for the first time never have more than one round in the gun.

  2. Me who just came on reddit because I was setting up a distcc slave:

  3. I just installed samba and openssh on my homeserver

  4. What if I told you that you don’t actually need the key?

  5. Columbo is one of the only good crime shows left in my opinion

  6. Bind jump to mouse wheel and buy a free spinner mouse

  7. I usually just install Firefox with winget (windows’ package manager)

  8. You know how expensive a gaming laptop is?

  9. Do you know how expensive a steam deck and audiophile-grade headphones are? This man has the money to buy a laptop

  10. From the knowledge I gained installing gentoo: kernel modules can add compatibility for some stuff like hardware and/or software related stuff like file systems

  11. Thankyou, Learning from my normal use, everything is working fine if I'm not missing anything, but how do i check for all the HID devices? I do not have much knowledge about linux and started using Linux recently.

  12. I’m assuming it’s those yeah, as those are additional hardware stuff in the kernel

  13. The dragon logo of Kali Linux is a representation of the Hindu goddess Kali, who is known for her fierce and destructive nature. The logo is meant to symbolize the power and strength of the Kali Linux operating system.

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