1. If it’s stone block, set a filter for soul sand, otherwise it will be processed further to suol sand

  2. I want to see you go through the handbook and install LFS by yourself with DE and compositor

  3. Just for the record, the basic handbook with only essential tools/packages or services is like 300 pages long

  4. Which terminal is that? I'm kinda new to ricing and stuff. I'm currently using Arch Linux and I like minimal interfaces like that

  5. Could be kde‘s Konsole with the features turned off

  6. I refuse to believe anyone on this sub is over the age of 16

  7. Arch on an eepeecee? Lmao how does it run?

  8. Community challenges differ right? How are they generated? Random?

  9. Probably random, I just know that they have an additional stage

  10. e621 lacks a theme right? there is a market

  11. Lmao, i just love that you can mention E6 without getting downvoted on this sub

  12. ||steamOS is just linux with extra steps||

  13. I kinda Main Demo, I’m kinda good at hitting direct pipes and reading the enemy team

  14. -rf recursive and force params wipes directories as well.

  15. Hold on you can put the switches at the end? Didn’t know that

  16. Lol, just imagine how pissed off engis are going to be when you sap a sentry and spray that on the ground

  17. Is there a way to modify gcc to treat it like a normal semicolon?

  18. Im upgrading my homeserver to 16 tb this Christmas I will gladly archive some of it

  19. This must be a joke. I tend to believe any university has flushed their self-dignity down the toilet and uses Discord for announcements.

  20. Im assuming it’s a convo between OP and another student, not the prof

  21. If you don’t want to keep the name you can reset it in the backpack

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