1. You know what, I don't agree, I don't like, I think these paid dlc skins is bullshit, but is YOUR money, YOU worked hard for it, so spend in any way you want and regret nothing

  2. I think she lost faith in her parrents ,they too wanted to use her as a tool to their benefit, mary her to some guy from a noble house, so they wouldnt need to be servants anymore, at least this is what I remember, the sith warrior prob was the first person that didn't tried to hide who he was from her powers, spared her life, and offered freedon, from the jedi, from her past,from choices that were made for her but not by her and promissed power so she can shape her future the way she desires

  3. I wish either you didn't loose raiju stacks for using other weaponskill or that they turn one of the already avaliable weaponskills, like the first one in the 1-2-3 combo buttons into the raiju so there's less chance of messing up, similar how gunbreak Fang-Claw-Talon combo works

  4. I don’t know if there are random or not. For me, it’s always the three monsters that the quest page shows you. I can’t get another monster to spawn. I don’t if I’m just unlucky though

  5. and the 3 "initial" monster show in the quest expedition info change each time you complete any quest. so let's say you just checked out a expedition to the shrine ruins and it says, kulu ya ku, arzuros and anjanath are there, but you didn't pick it, you complete another quest, any quest, like slaying a aknosom somewhere, even in the shrine ruins itself, when you're back from the quest and check the expedition page again, there'll be 3 diferent monster there now, zinogre, narcaguca and bishaten for example.

  6. He's also semi involved with the Dancer quest line. He's the troupe's first client and your first performance aka the solo duty that teaches you how to DP etc

  7. He also covers for you a "incident" in the samurai questline

  8. Then coming back naked. A triple threat.

  9. Oh yeah. That bad boy is stuck, confused and pained until it’s own body tears itself down from the inside out…or until you strike it down in mercy. Best intro in the game by far.

  10. Paladin really? I like the big sword thing at lvl 90, it gives me dopamine, maybe a better animation for Requiescat and Holy Spirit, IDW, the core gameplay feels like realy what it should be alternating betwen physical/magical phases, I would think DK would be the least popular, maybe you're talking about high end content? if so I'm at loss as I don't play it, as a casual player I can say Monk feels ways better than it was before for me (Started in Shadowbringer around 5.1) less possitionals and it feels like I'm building toward a powefull goal/skill with the new gauge, Machinist need to decide if he want to be a Cowboy or a Enginering because right now dosn't look like either, I loved playing astro during shadowbringer, I played it a lot as I could just fit in whatever party I landed with the diferent sects, I tried to play after endwalker changes and I just can't, there's is too much going on with it now, the cards changes are meh, prob a unpopular opinion but I liked how you had to manipulate you cards to get the 3 seals to unlock the "evebody having a good time" skill, now it feels almost imposible to get the 3 seals, and the skills that 2 seals give, mana reg and a small haste, don't realy matters for my casual ass

  11. I won't lie, it was only of a few times that I would have "Social" contact with other people during the day, so I miss A bit the jokes part, but the fight/duty itself no

  12. How is amatsu a rival to valstrax when amatsu is leagues above valstrax in strength, unless im missing something? Feel free to correct me

  13. I thoght it was a joke because Valstrax also destroy a airship in a cutscene

  14. First time I fought it was in generations ultimate I had no idea that it would be such a big boy and such a fun fight

  15. Blind and with red mage, so I fell like a super helpful player with all the verraises

  16. 1 - yes, but I won't lie, it takes some time, around after the unlock of the second trial in ARR things get a bit darker, and later expansions, realy realy darker, war crimes, genocide, existential dread are common themes to Final fantasy and this one is not diferrent.

  17. Hydaelyn light sundered all the Ancients have achieved including they very souls, the beings that are born from these shards may have some qualities similar to the original but they aren't the same individual, in a sense, you, her champion are the only thing standing in their way to rebuild their society, bring back their people, and release the souls that sacrificed themselves to summon zodiark and are still bound to him, the rejoining while considered monstrous from our viewpoint, for them are just a means to a end, as Emet say, he can't feel guilty of killing them because for them they arent true alive, they're just half baked husks from the original people, from their viewpoint you are the Vilain, and that's what I love about shadowbringers, they make you into a bad guy even if you're trying to do what feels right because in the end, there's no right answer to their conflict

  18. Ohhh I'm planning to try a Jack Garland cosplay to fight him, but I haven't choose the armor pieces yet

  19. I have. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't click with me. It's straightforward to play for sure and summoning Bahamut is neat, but it feels underwhelming somehow.

  20. the melee combo later unlocks you big boom boom skills, witch are a 3 combo skills that deal high dmg and have fancy animations, you get the first at 70 (verholy/Verflare), the second at 80 (Scorch) ana the last at 90 (resolution), I honestly feel more like a mage playing red mage than black mage, since red mage uses more elements (only missing water and Ice) and have more cool animations, plus it's easier to adjust to mechs with dual cast, so that would be my sugestion for you

  21. One thing that helped me out following the way things were launched was watching the trailers for the patchs and doing the content showed in then before moving to the next one (except extreme trials and palace of the dead, because those one takes a lot of time to complete if unsyced), keep in mind that some content changed over the years

  22. Jus t to add one thing: you don't need ps+ active to play ffxiv online

  23. Have been there, here a few tips: Tribes quests, Relic weapons (boy some of those take a while), Mounts farm (you can get some really cool ones from achievements and in games vendors like the NPC in gridania near summoner quest), minions farms, triple triad, Gold saucer mini games, Replaying the story in new game +, island sanctuary, redo dungeons/trials/raids just for the fun of it when you fell like it, starting crafting/ gathering jobs, blue mage, farming for something you want besauce fashion (I'm trying to get the noir set from the recently introduced criterion dungeons), don't worry i'm almost sure you'll find something and if you don't you can allways give it a break till the next patch and try play something new

  24. For gameplay suffering? Susanoo ... solo (that one story mission in burst where it's just you and Ren against that ...)

  25. for me was Blitz Hannibal, That thing is way too fast

  26. Flaming espinas was my first instant cart in a long long while. i saw the big nova he does coming and thought " i heard it was dangerous but i'm a lance user with max block, surely i can just block this" nope !

  27. same...I just stood there montionless staring at my screen as the cats draged my character dead ass to camp

  28. I believe at this point it all depends on what happens to the Riot MMO. Like it or not, the genre is dying, and there doesn’t seem to be much happening to bring in new players or simply people who stopped playing MMOs along the years. If the Riot one manages to deliver an incredible experience, capable of saving the genre, then I’d say a SW one becomes a lot more likely.

  29. WoW and FFXIV I believe are still very profitable, FFXIV actually broke some records if I'm not mistaken and the game was so popular at the launch of the latest expansion that they stopped selling it in the online store for a few days to expand their servers because too many people trying to log in at the same time, WoW I think just droped a expasion too but I don't know how it was recieved as I don't play that one, but these are veterans that have been gathering players along the years, the most recent ones that I can think are New World and Lost Ark, and both didn't land well but are still going and trying to improve

  30. If I may sugest something that SHOULD be part of the MSQ but it's not, Do coils of bahamut with friends/FC or just make a PF and ask do to unsyc for Story/Cutscenes, that questline SHOULD be part of the main scenario as it gives closure to the Seventh Umbral Calamity

  31. As most people have replied, that's ONE coil that is better to have at lest two persons, but I managed to solo it at lvl 80 when I did, it took some trial and some fails but not crazy hard dificult, just timing

  32. hmmm it's not bad per say, as in some cases like free to play games, it's what keep the servers running and new content being made, on MH however, till World / Iceborne we never had that before and still got dlc quests, MHGU being the pinacle of cool colaborations where to get a cool weapon desing you just had to play the game, here to give you the idea of how much good stuff we got before as free dlc:

  33. Viking (share gear with Ninja, use a one hand axe in one hand and a one hand hamer in another) Time Mage (focused in dots and it's manipulation, can extend or power up dots aplied by himself and party members, or burst then earlier for less dmg)

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