1. The only place in BDS that is justifiably doomy and gloomy is vertical lift

  2. Really? I thought the military space portfolio was healthy at least

  3. Attrition is through the roof. Keep losing contracts for all kinds of reasons. Morale in the toilet.

  4. I thought the new VP of SW Eng was supposed to fix all this (at least for SWEs). He must be getting taught the Boeing way too.

  5. Jinnah is completely powerless. He already said as much in multiple webcasts, going so far to say it’s embarrassing. Not just IT equipment but for salary adjustments to market rates too.

  6. So far it seems like all he’s managed to do is fill up a huge org chart of managers and execs with zero to show for it.

  7. CT has weaknesses like everyone else. Also, what does it matter if someone has weaknesses when they still win? Why has Darrell not been considered the GOAT? He did win 4 seasons in a row. That’s one of the most impressive stats of anyone to ever be on the show. Yet, CT gets all this GOAT talk for some reason. Also, Bananas has more wins. How you can say that less wins = GOAT? Makes no sense to me. Also, as someone on here corrected me before, Bananas has beat CT in an elimination twice. Everyone remembers the Johnny backpack but technically that elimination was between him and Tyler, not him and CT. I think you’re right that it’s settled but not that CT is the GOAT.

  8. Also Tyler got exhausted CT while Bananas got fresh CT. That elimination was BS.

  9. Unfortunately software engineers are frankly higher perceived value to the company, for Boeing to compete with tech they will need to pay higher software salaries

  10. Just skip software engineering and go straight to DevSecOps or cloud engineering

  11. I work in Kent and live 50 minutes away with no traffic so I’m with you on the Seattle commute. During the work week, I understand I clock in when I get to work. And clock out when I leave.

  12. This argument isn’t consistent. If it’s okay to clock in while driving on the weekend, it should be okay to clock in while driving during the week.

  13. I used to work in Seal Beach until very recently. Most people liked the flexibility of working remotely and were confused by the decision to come back into office 4 days a week. I know for a fact that there are engineers that have a “let me work virtual or fire me” attitude + seal beach is hemorrhaging in terms of talent.

  14. Hmmmm… I wonder why… must be a huge reason why people are leaving a company like Boeing. I truly believe its the leadership thinking everyone is replaceable. Im getting this feeling as new hire already

  15. Congrats you discovered half the reason. The other half is the insanely low pay.

  16. Yeah, you know it’s bad when Taco Bell starts raising prices.

  17. The job with Boeing with certainly be cooler if that’s worth anything. A TS is worth a lot in the DMV and in other locations as well.

  18. Yep. Since Boeing doesn’t bother to give you a salary increase when you get cleared this is pretty much automatic for most folks in NoVA Boeing shops.

  19. Yep. Definitely right. Just checked the growlithe and it expired May 31 :( sorry. That leaves me with 8 Shiny eternatus. I’m heading out now but have the codes with me. I’ll pick randoms when I get to my destination.

  20. Because as soon as you say “Pokémon card” they think you mean the TCG

  21. Yup same shit happened to me. I went to three targets yesterday. I finally was able to find one today.

  22. One of two Iron Venom figures, this one being exclusive to this set. Plus an exclusive figure and character, Pork Grind. Great qualities to have in a cheap pack like this. The recent Thor minifig pack was great as well. More of these please, Lego!

  23. I still find it hilarious that CD sucks so hard they hired a freaking community mod with no actual experience to do development.

  24. I'll never understand the overwhelming need for the mods of a subreddit of a game that can't even average 500 players on Steam to be so protective of devs that have yet to do anything to warrant "shielding".

  25. They’re scared that if all the truth tellers stay in their echo chamber it will scare off potential new players and thus their power base.

  26. I went over a year with “under consideration” and I’m internal.

  27. I currently work at Boeing so I can tell u from my experience. It all depends on who you interviewed with. If it was a recruiter you are at the first stage and they may never get back to you. I did an interview with a recruiter the first time and they never got back to me. The way I got my job was through a Career Fair and they called me the week after the interview with the Job Offer so u might not get this one but try and find out when they’re next career fair is near you and go to that! Boeing is doing a lot of hiring right now because a lot of people are retiring so they need Fresh Meat!

  28. In addition to the mass retirements, there are a ton of people leaving for huge raises

  29. If only Saints Row was actually a remake. It may have actually been good.

  30. Fifteen Targets. Two days. Only one store actually had them or even knew anything about the event. Target sucks.

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