1. The Duh-Vinci Code - the episode is all over the place and it relied heavily on making Fry far dumber than normal.

  2. Ooh what tat? I’m debating about getting one someday.

  3. The What-If Machine. I wanted something a bit obscure but also very recognizable to those who know the series well. I absolutely love it.

  4. Ok so since Nibbler was sentient and hyper intelligent the whole time, you have to admit eating the last chance of preventing extinction for those animals was kind of a dick move

  5. It could be argued that if Nibbler didn’t eat the animals, he wouldn’t have been able to produce the dark matter which saved the Planet Express crew and, in turn, the universe.

  6. I’m an electric and yes, the work is slowly picking up. No jive, I’m guessing it going to ramp up in the next month.

  7. Very fresh. In my humblest of opinions, I feel ODB would have been a nice addition, in place of the current top middle bust.

  8. Goin’ Out West got me very interested, then it was Singapore, followed by every song on Rain Dogs, that sealed the deal.

  9. Anyone else just have an utterly rotten feeling about Roiland that originated years ago?

  10. I respect your animation abilities and encourage you to get weirder and wilder with them. Please don’t stop making fresh shit.

  11. Work in NY, CT, and NJ is going to be slow until early February. Take whatever you can get and if you can, try to embrace a little time off.

  12. Anyone know if this was taken at the Nuyorican Cafe?

  13. The Nuyorican has a brick wall behind the stage. When DOOM performed at Nuyorican he had a black stocking over his face, he didn't even have the mask yet.

  14. I remember the conference on global warming held here. The whole hall was nearly destroyed by a controlled beam of light created by a malfunctioning mirror orbiting the earth, invented and implemented by Professor Wernstrom.

  15. Get that ugly fucking thing out of that otherwise perfect place.

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