1. Those things throw false positives for dbol all the time. Do NOT trust them. These at-home tests are garbage. I can 100% assure you it’s not a “blend.” Why would a lab do that and hurt its reputation?

  2. Today when I injected into my delt, I immediately felt a burning sensation that seemed to spread across my arm. It was painful and I was sweating, and I lay down. It passed in just a couple of minutes.

  3. It’s honesty. He’s resistant to bulking because he wants to “be shredded”.

  4. He’s not looking for advice, his intentions are to show off. You’re mistaken

  5. I don’t see how you deduce that it must have been an easy road because I believe the above things. Can you explain to me?

  6. At least you know what you’re talking about. It must have been an easy road for you. Lucky!

  7. Maybe salt, but that’s one thing that sucks about it for me

  8. Aww. We have the bone of shame. When no one will play with him, he gets this only white shiny denta bone out from the very bottom of the toy box and gnaws at it

  9. What would the practicality of sub-dermal magnets in your fingers be? Malfunctioning security tags?

  10. Except that he’s really not and I’m trying to find some scientific answers. Thanks and have a great day 🥰

  11. Except that once you get into a ketogenic state then intermittent fasting will force your body to use up your fat stores from your liver and some hard to reach(via exercise) parts of your body as it won't be relying on glucose and this needing insulin(fat storage hormone) to regulate blood sugar levels.

  12. You're missing the big picture that what calories you put in are almost more important than how many you put in, no one is saying that CICO is irrelevant, just that it ignores so many facets of how our bodies work and what materials are in those calories to work with or use. Most fats and proteins we eat could be used as building blocks to repair and build different parts of our bodies thus not being used as energy in the first place whereas carbohydrates aren't used for much except a small portion of energy for the brain.

  13. I was looking for this one. I don’t even have to get close most times and I smell em. Most times without an audible warning

  14. You have to force yourself to eat. That’s the truth. If you don’t eat more, steroids will give you nothing but side effects. Gains come from calories whether or not you take steroids

  15. anything you suggest to help boost that mentality? outside of steroids now, how do you force feed yourself?

  16. You’re lucky in that you can eat some junkfood/fast food

  17. Can add to this, I was on 700 test for a long time and didn’t notice any hair thinning whatsoever until I used anadrol. Stopped anadrol, came down to a cruise test dose, and now 12 weeks on cruise my hair look like before. It could have been the test too but I didn’t notice it until I got on anadrol. Hair thinning/baldness seems to be very individual and genetic though

  18. I think that’s shedding, which is different than thinning

  19. Crashed E2 is the worst condition by far. I had long lasting effects long after stopping an AI and the only thing to reverse it was an HCG cruise. Good body builders never use AIs during cycle. DHT derivatives are the way to go on cycle.

  20. I hate men because I can’t be bothered with my own feelings anymore

  21. I used to be a driver for a funeral home corporation. Like, drive the hearse and pick up the bodies. Never had anything creepy happen, a few funny things, a few traumatic things. In general it was a chill job.

  22. It’s paradigm shifts like this that I’m looking for in life

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