1. Typewriters were made to last. I have one from 1917 (Smith Corona #3) and it still works great.

  2. By the looks of it the one in the video is Olympia SM7, 1962. At least thats what I have and it looks a lot like this one, mine is in perfect working order, just a little stiff and the ink tape has dried out.

  3. I tried that one. Response: Just because there are gay penguins doesn't mean that being gay is natural. It just means that there are unnatural penguins.

  4. Not that I'm against the sentiment of the statement in the post, but the argument really does not hold up. Just because animals do something does not mean we should consider it ok to do ourselves, animals do a lot of crazy shit, should we follow their example more, and, for example, throw our weakest children out of house, or fight to the death for mates?

  5. He’s not saying it’s “fine”, just that it’s natural. The fact that you think the two are synonymous is the issue at hand.

  6. Almost always water. Nuclear power is super water hungry and a lot of players don't put nearly enough pumps along the pipelines they run to their power stations.

  7. Heat pipe throughput is quite limited as well Here's how many exchangers can be supported by 1 or 2 parallel heat pipes at 1000 Cᵒ on one end.

  8. One thing I do with K2 fusion is I add in steam buffers and set the reactor to only run when the steam gets below 70% and an alarm if I hit 60%. That way I have a solid backup in case something I do cuts power to the reactor. Since the reactors need lots of power just to run, a mistake can make it difficult to get the thing running again if it's a major part of your power grid.

  9. fusion reactors generate 2 GW, but consume 500 MW themselves + some for DT fuel cell generation.

  10. The iron ore train sitting in your 4-way junction is your main problem. Can you see there is a single rail with cyan colour under the train? That block starts with a normal signal, allowing the train to enter the junction, but the block is not long enough for your train to exit the junction before stopping at the next signal. Remove the signal, and move the train out of the intersection.

  11. The iron train cant move, because there is a copper train in front of if, and by the looks of it, it can't move, because the tiny uranium train going the opposite direction is in the block it's trying to go in xD.

  12. there are lots of games that work. Infact like 80% of games work on linux. However for the games I play not even proton can save it.

  13. They attack the closest and most polluting machine built by player. If they come in range of a military building while on their way, they will attack that. Only the bases in a pollution cloud send out attacks.

  14. This morning my mother sent me a copy of this document with the credentials of my sister, worried that she is involved in a scam. It seems like so to me as well. I cant find anything on the company only found the alleged CEO on a entrepreneur courses

  15. Not for the factorio source, wube just has a few factorio related repos. Not published on their page, but the only part of the factorio source you can find is for the trains

  16. ?! This is news, what's their @? I'd like to look at the train sources...

  17. I’m not that good at physics, but I think you can get the wavelength as a fraction of the diameter of the cup (I think it’s a third) and use the speed of sound to get the frequency (speed = frequency * wavelength)

  18. Imagine you are at a beach, it's a beautiful sunny day, and then suddenly, a wave comes at you at mach 4, you are now big pink mist. XD

  19. It's not just that it has to be on a straight rail, it also has to be correctly aligned on it. So if the front of the train is behind a bend but the fluid wagon is on a straight, it will not work. more

  20. Thanks for the tips everybody. The biggest time hog is "entity update" which is normal, but it is averaging around 7. Fluid Manager isn't very high. I did disable one mod that was pretty high. Of course, now that I'm watching it hasn't dropped below 60 again.

  21. For me, in most of TNG she was a hectic annoyance, but in DS9 she was a welcome guest.

  22. You are not utilizing 12% of power which you would get if all 112 reactors were in a single chain. Here's a

  23. Actually, they said in the same video, that passive cooling is around 10 W, then they said that with their tech they could cool a notebook with a 20 W CPU power, and then they said, that they have 2 versions of the chip, one can remove 5 W and the other can remove 10 W.

  24. There isn't a fan to compare in size to, this chip is not only meant to function as a fan, but the whole heat sink assembly + fan, it mounts directly to the heat source.

  25. Played IR2 like 2 years ago, did not finish it, as I was overwhelmed by biters because of pollution issues. Was fun, balanced, polished and provides some interesting puzzles, would expect no less from IR3, it's on my radar, might do it once I'm done with my "vanilla" megabase.

  26. factorio and star trek could be an interesting combination

  27. I'm not sure what everybody else does but I just build 5-10 spidertrons and link them together. I load them with a ton of repair packs, construction bots, and explosive rockets. In the grid, lasers and shields and one roboport. Then I just use the remote control to have them clear space while I'm working on the base.

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