1. I wonder what Scotty 2 Hotty’s career would’ve been like if everytime he did The Worm, the strike at the end was just a devastating, full force palm strike to the face.

  2. Isn't it a throat chop anyways? That should be devastating enough on its own

  3. I think the big difference is that Jay has had many wrestlers step up to defend him, including openly gay wrestlers. Where as Kendrick never really got that same level of support.

  4. People are also missing that one was a decade ago and the other was like within a week of him being on TV. That's a HUGE difference.

  5. The main event is a huge give away that it's Capitol Punishment, haha.

  6. Yeah this was an easy one. The Randy vs. Christian kinda gave it away for me as well for some reason

  7. If Moxley, Danielson and Biff Busick had a three way love child.

  8. This is somehow a mix of Jon Moxley and Dean Ambrose. Don't ask me how that does or doesn't make sense

  9. Black dude walking away with his hands on his hips like “nope” while everyone is still fighting.

  10. That is terrible. I can't imagine getting through high school nowadays kids are a mess aren't they. Not all but crikey farque mates I wouldn't want to be a teacher nowadays.

  11. That dude spent most of his time between his legs. I've never seen that technique

  12. Why are there so many wigs? I mean these are young people, why would they wear wigs? Am I out of touch?

  13. That other one wasn't very good at subduing though

  14. The worst part of he was so fucking jolly going out that morning 😭😭

  15. That was the least immediate "immediately " I've ever seen

  16. As terrible as this whole interview was, the beginning question from Fox News was also really fucking stupid lmao.

  17. I think most of it is #2. I grew up in the church, Bible study, confirmation, all that. And we definitely heard all those stories of God committing mass atrocities, but the implication of what those events would practically entail were just never enforced. And if they were mentioned at all, it was glossed over, like how the lady in the video explains it away.

  18. I went to a Bible study one weekend in college (just because the stranger who asked was fine lmao). So we're going through the Bible and at a certain point they're like "doesn't this contradict what was said 'here'?" I was barely paying attention so I didn't even call anything out, it was completely unprompted. I did say "yeah it does" though, and they go "right, it seems like a contradiction but it's not because God doesn't make any mistakes".

  19. I think I found out from an Adventuring Party a while ago where they pretended to all be in their home. I was like "why do these two specifically have a home together" lol

  20. Wow 2016 feels like eons ago now. I remember when this vid was newly uploaded. Still one of NXT's best rosters ever from top to bottom of the card.

  21. It kinda is eons ago. Seven years is a significant chunk of time

  22. Honestly though, it was nice to not see that shit happen for once. The DX segment was definitely a highlight that didn't outstay it's welcome either.

  23. I thought LA Knight was definitely setting himself up for the "get jumped by a bunch of legends" spot

  24. I mean this is why representation in the board room matters. A lot of the time it's not even malicious intent at all, it just truly doesn't cross the minds of those whom it doesn't affect

  25. I hope that’s the case. The main roster only has DC and Shayna/Ronda.

  26. There's always only ever two women's tag teams at any given time. It's so odd. Whenever they get a new one the others just break up

  27. I've definitely had those moments. I was the new guy and picked up the phone when the boss called on my day off. Ended up getting roped into working a Saturday. Never answered the phone again on my off day.

  28. Yep that's how it goes lol. I ended up working like 60 hours my first week because I picked up the phone. That first paycheck was insane but I never picked up the phone again.

  29. Uh couldn’t that be considered kidnapping. Although that mother needs to be charged with assault for slapping the driver. Despicable

  30. I would hope a bus driver would try to shove anyone out of the bus that doesn’t belong there for the students sake.

  31. That's separate though. She hit someone and got hit, regardless of why. I would push someone off the bus too, and I'd expect to get hit

  32. You know what's really cool about NXT? Everyone is very distinct from everyone else.

  33. That's what I've loved about the start of NXT 2.0. Before then everyone was the same with a different moveset(even that was very samey lol)

  34. Those shots of the game did not look good

  35. I just realized I have no idea why Michael Cole has been absent so long. Is it a health issue? I know his hearing has been going. Any chance we'll see him tonight

  36. Roman banning Sami appearing until Saturday makes me think Sami's going to be doing something on Friday.

  37. Nothing makes me more guaranteed that someone will show up in wrestling than banning them lol

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