1. A pint is already $17.50 and a schooner is $14 at all 3 of my local pubs... Where is he getting $15 pints?!?

  2. Nope, crafts are $1-2 extra depending on the beer

  3. Tara in Qld is the cheapest I think. It's pretty wild though, that's where those coppers got shot a few weeks ago

  4. "makin' something happen"...with <5k subs and a few hundred views. Ok then. The market for angry blackfella rap is both limited & oversaturated. It's the same product, just retuned & repackaged.

  5. With a bit of decent production he could be decent. The message is good but in terms of actual music it's a bit so so.

  6. Mira, Si quieres hablar un poco más alla de lo usual, podrías hablar sobre el 'Plan Martha' "un acuerdo migratorio entre los gobiernos de Australia y España, estimulado por la Iglesia Católica, el cual consistía en enviar mujeres españolas como trabajadoras domésticas a Australia."

  7. My friend says there's a tabaco in Lavapies or Atocha I can't remember which sells it. But there is one in Madrid somewhere.

  8. I feel like he didn't say "Ay caramba" when his hand got blown off. Probably something else.

  9. A lot of people don't really like the expression "ok" either.

  10. Yeah but it's Ok pronounced as it is spelled and not how it should be which is Okay.

  11. In Spain people say "ok" as in the Ok in Okinawa. In this way it's borde but if you say Okay it's not borde.

  12. Por favor no traigas esa mierda a españa. Algo que me gusta de españa es que no hay una cultura de metamfetamina aquí. No es guay, es una puta mierda que arruina la vida (o casi) de toda la gente que tiene algo ver con ella.

  13. El MDA lleva años por aquí y se consume bastante de lo que no hay costumbres es de fumarsell como hacen los yankis y en el sudoeste asiático.

  14. MDA (Methylenedioxyamphetamine) no es Shabu (Metamfetamina) por lo cual tu comentario no tiene nada que ver.

  15. Bueno de hecho haber dicho lo de meetup sí hay una salida a la que me gustaría apuntarme pero me falta el transporte.

  16. En la app meetup hay varios grupos, y también en Facebook

  17. Yeah, I see it as a motivation really. Like to have something to aim towards, which means I don't just settle for so-so Spanish and go no further.

  18. Ok, it can be... my experience is that DELE preparation is really just purely preparing for an exam and honestly I don't think, if what you want to do is learn the language rather than take an exam as such, that it's very useful in the language learning process.

  19. But also do you really need to prepare for the DELE? Exam preparation is pretty boring and unless you have a massive need for the certificate, personally I don't see the point. That's from my experience having decided not to continue my own DELE preparation for C1

  20. Ya gotta be tuff. Tuff stuff. Give police attack dogs, let them strip search underage kids, smash car doors in the name of tuff justice!!!

  21. While Madrid is a very pedestrian-friendly city with great public transport options, purchasing a car a few months ago has opened up great options to explore the countryside outside the city. In particular, it's been a blast to drive all over the mountainous region in the north of the community, discovering dams, lakes, twisty roads, small villages, and more!

  22. I've never been on that side of the embalse... or there that early it's a beautiful sight!

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