1. As childish as he is being, he came back to play in a front 2. He has always looked far far far better alongside a strike partner, and Tuchel played about 3 games with a 2 up top last year before deciding to drop it and play Lukaku as a lone 9 again, where he immediately began to stink up the park again. He’s obviously not in the right, but I can imagine he was very frustrated when he realised he was going to be playing in a system he know he sucks at after being pulled away from one where he looked on the verge of world class.

  2. He is basically pogba equivalent as a striker, needs a system to be world class, otherwise he is eh

  3. Fuck, was this a rumour in all primary schools ?

  4. Even we had that rumor in primary school in Balkans

  5. To this day I have never received a solid answer to my question of "what does McTominay bring to the team?"

  6. He’s a guy from Romania who gives “alpha” male talks and has a podcast talking about being a “man” but is super sexist and misogynistic. His advice is terrible

  7. I mean, his advice is not so bad if you actually listen to it. He tells young man to work on themselves, workout, surround themselves with ambitious people. His views on women is a bit out there, and I can see why people might hate him for that.

  8. come back when he misses a sitter and you go out of the CL quarter final

  9. This guy is really saying that Chelsea doesn't know what a bad finisher is

  10. Sick of my club ( Feyenoord ) changing the colour of the badge on aways kits. I know all clubs are doing this, but in my opinion a badge should be sacred. Really hate our 3rd shirt with the black and pink badge.

  11. the first thing i generally hear when an unleashed dog comes running up is "he/she's friendly".

  12. The best one is when they say: "Don't show fear, they can smell fear." literally makes you afraid 100x more

  13. FFP itself is a joke. .. starting with its name. Nothing is "fair" about it.

  14. If you say FFP 5 times an Italian club will get punishment

  15. “Most underrated striker innn the game, Karim Benzema” Naah these commentator are something else

  16. Guy went from the best to worst in few years

  17. Just tell him your sins and you will be forgiven

  18. Bayren wins the bundesliga, psg wins ligue 1. Salzburg wins the austrian bundesliga

  19. Last summer i was actually predicting Milan as top contender.

  20. Milan played a B team almost half the games 2 years in a row, having a slow transfer window is not a problem, having the team stay fit is

  21. Basel is good but I wouldn't say top 2

  22. PSG uses state money to buy stars from La Liga > Tebas & half the press loses their shit.

  23. Barca are risking their future, while PSG is spending like crazy despite no making as much

  24. Messi absolutely had to go. There’s no new project, no new era with him still here.

  25. This is giving me Ronaldo is the problem vibes

  26. No that’s not what I’m saying. We just always depended on him. Always. Now there’s other players stepping up. We have systems

  27. Who is stepping up? barca brought in 4 new attackers just to try to fix the problem, now they are using levers to buy 2 additional attackers. With Messi staying they don't need to do that

  28. I've returned 2 items in my lifetime to a non-millionaire and was rewarded both times with money without asking for it, its basic human decency. I would do the same.

  29. If you are a good person because you expect a reward you aren't a good person.

  30. Alright, now I have to watch Norway-Brazil again for the 900th time. I essensially know every pass, tackle and header from that match, especially from the 78th minute onward.

  31. We dont hate Milan at all, there is a healthy sporting rivalry with respect there. Inter is by far and away the most hated club for Juve.

  32. Juventus isn't really liked anywhere in Italy so Milan fans being hostile towards them is normal

  33. Who is comparing anything, I just stated that Milan fans being salty about juve means nothing when every other team fans are salty about juve

  34. Too late, Barca and Real Madrid fans have already gone to war today.

  35. Hard to believe they of all people would have a feud

  36. Would be fun to watch what he could do in Spain

  37. If you only look at this thread Ronaldo is the worst united player and martial is the goat

  38. Now we know why they didn't let De Bruyne speak

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