2. Yes you can become a Christian without attending the church. Praying and reading The Bible are not only a good way to start but also a good way to continue and live the rest of your life. I recommend the Daily Audio Bible as a online community and resource.


  4. If you like it, wear it; who cares what other people think; if not give to some kid.

  5. More power to you but I think I have to draw I can't cross for myself! Lol

  6. His book "A Grief Observed" is one of the most amazing books on the topic of grief but also on the topic of religion that I have ever read. A family member of mine died last year and I was recommended this book by a friend. If I met a recently bereaved person who gets consolation from reading, I'd absolute recommend it further.


  8. Boat of a Milliion Years is about biological immortals.

  9. if you need to keep it secret from your partner, it probally a problem.

  10. mct oil, liquid energy! but accumulate your system to it 1st or bad things will happen

  11. A favorite of mine for many years. Also nice with spice sausage too.

  12. I hear good things about Patagonia but haven't had the opportunity to try any of their offerings yet.

  13. I just had Patagonia Spanish Paprika Mackerel in olive oil for lunch - Holy Mackerel they were good!

  14. It is only blasphamy if you mean it. Otherwise its just a word

  15. I like Quest Bars too and it doest matter what flavor you get, they all taste the same lol

  16. When I was around 10 years old, a long time ago, I went on a tour of the bumblebee plant there in Astoria Oregon it was cool. They were canning tuna at the time.

  17. No, winning at chess is about not making mistakes and not abount intellegence. Intellegence includes creativity, which can help somewhat against human oponents but will lose againts the Machine. btw i am weak at chess and spelling.

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