1. When I pulled out of prep I gained 5lbs in 3 days and another 10 in the next 3 or so weeks. I didn’t go nuts but just went back to what I thought should be my maintenance (1400 to ~2000) and brought down cardio to just low intensity steps, with free meals here and there. I think my body was “bloated” from the additional carbs and sodium for a few days but it eventually settled down and evened out.

  2. Totally normal. Every gram of carb adds ≈ 2.7-3 gm h2O, and even if you didn’t increase sodium anything more than an amount proportional to your caloric increase, you’re still looking at a 1/3 increase in sodium. These will certainly add water. It will however flush out. Many people are not as diligent about hitting their water after their show as well. Decreasing water will also increase serum sodium osmolality, so make sure to keep water high to help flush increase sodium.

  3. Cardio can and should be split up. Good luck finding any studies to support your coaches assertion that it needs to be done at once, as I can comfortably say you will not find a credible one anywhere.

  4. It’s def weird. Unless that ig is run by Umpsey who’s just trying to push that narrative.

  5. I’ve always maintained in here that reverse dieting is antiquated and extends a prep and actually prolongs negative adaptations (elevated tsh, elevated t4, decreased t3, elevated reverse t3), low test (if not on trt/enhanced). The goal after prep should be to bring the body back to a healthy state, not prep for 9 more weeks in a deficit that decreases slightly each week.

  6. I remember you posting about this, and I also listened to the podcast. I then decided I would not try to stick to my reverse diet. Way less binges since then. Thanks!

  7. Anytime - happy to bring awareness to some other practices that seem to make a lot of sense. Ironically - the guys on 3dmj are the ones who originally came up with traditional reverse diet, but abandoned it as more data came in over the years.

  8. If you are genuinely curious about educating yourself (as in assuming this post isn’t meant in a judgemental or assuming manner with the intent of implying all PED users are bad and have giant clits, are not hard workers, have a deep voice, etc lol) and are wanting to know what and how to use the minimal effective dose needed for results while avoiding negative side effects safely, I strongly recommend you follow or begin a genuine dialogue with Cory Haegman or Jon Jewwitt.

  9. Second this. I was going to write something here, but this is excellent. Setting the standard that others will be following.

  10. Sending this to goob. You’ve clearly reverse snatched the waist. I’m kidding, but it really does look like just bad time and VERY poor control/borderline ventral hernia (kidding again, but damn). Sidenote - the back shot of the girl beside her displays silly structure…wide shoulders, stupid small waist and good glutes. I know it’s not, but the ratio looks photoshopped. Needs conditioning, but lots of potential.

  11. Lowest I’d ever recommend for women would be 50-60gm fat (≈ 500 cal) which would be min req for cell replication/metabolic processes + 1gm protein/LB of approx stage weight (e.g. 120 = 120gm protein = 480 calories) - so about 980 cal. I will add that there is zero reason to be at these calories. This would be the result of a poorly planned timeline, lack of adherence, or a combination of the two. Carbs drive training performance…and training performance is the number one driver of preventing catabolism. I’d never recommend anybody be zero carb and if I felt it was necessary, there’d be a serious discussion about choosing a different show. I’ve seen people prep on low calories with poor timelines and high calories with well planned timelines…the same person had perfect adherence in both. The look and mental state of this competitor was drastically different as you can imagine.

  12. hattie also claims natty which i just can't believe.

  13. I don’t train upper body at all because I need to bring up my legs. Wellness is the only division that requires asymmetry, so you should definitely be hitting lower body more than upper.

  14. This is an important takeaway. If you need to grow everything. You need to do everything. Most of the time, lower is lacking…and I do agree that most high level athletes I see are doing 3 lower, 1 upper…that’s assuming you have good sized delts bikini already though, too. Crazy, but this is the current split for most high level bikini competitors as well. Particularly since the divisions pushed towards larger glutes…so much so that Shane Heugly had an athlete get first callouts in both Bikini and Wellness this past week at North Americans (which is ridiculous, but 🤷🏻‍♂️). And the bikini delts are typically at the standard by the time you’re regularly placing at national shows and up.


  16. Wait, we can add GIFs here! Oh shit…👀 this is gonna make this more fun.

  17. I think we’re arguing the same point - I’m suggesting that those who re genetically gifted generally will see more success natty or very minimal PEDs. This might delay their uptake until the competition steps up. The look of someone with poor to average genetics who hasn’t trained for long, and is also using PEDs is very different to a genetically gifted natty who’s been training for years and who has all other components dialled in as well. I don’t know if there’s a term for it, but they look more ‘chiselled’ - it’s that dry, dense, symmetrical, conditioned look. You don’t really see it in newbies - PEDs or not.

  18. It was a very minor detail! We are certainly in agreement on this. 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  19. I get why people compare FBF to an MLM, but it does not fit the criteria. It’s no Monat or Herbalife or any classic MLM where the lowest end people make little to nothing and there are multiple layers of coaches skimming money off of the lowest end coach. Look. Jami comes from a business background. And she has just been way better at picking the right people and growing her business (ie: coaching) more than other big name coaches. This is a corporate structure. Sure quality control isn’t 100% and there’s going to be variability in coaching. But isn’t this a much preferable structure than other “teams” that have one coach who is spread so thin and doesn’t care about a client unless they are a big name? I see the MLM comparison, but it’s just not that. Pro physique has a high number of coaches and I think most of the coaches are coached by Paul, but I don’t ever see them being called an MLM?

  20. That’s because every coach is under Paul…that’s not a pyramid. That is a corporate structure.

  21. I’m sorry, I’m dumb and I can’t tell who you’re responding to. Who isn’t wrong?

  22. You’re not, I’m not sure even sure I replied in the right place. It was one of trollanony’s comments about it being a little fishy with placings. I don’t think it necessarily plays a role in who gets first, but it appears to def play a role in the other placings. I’ll even go so far as to coin fifth body fusion for the fifth place - aka - a gift since it’s still top 5, but it’s not like it will ruffle feathers or attract attention if it’s someone that should have been 6-8.

  23. All of this!! Also why a lot of competitors look better day after show having more sodium and fluids and carbs post show.

  24. Good call out. We all love a good cup of tea but not all warm yellow ish water is tea. Sometimes it’s pee…

  25. You mean I can’t take screen shots from a phone with names I could have put in myself and say “proof” 🤣🤣🤣. GTFO of here with that 💩. It’s a credit to this sub that we all think James is trash and nobody was buying that shit.

  26. She’s expensive for a newer coach/ someone who’s never turned an athlete pro. I don’t think she’s ever shared any of her coaching results.

  27. One could make an argument regarding that, but I suppose I’m just not using turning people pro as a criteria as we’ve seen it’s incredibly flawed. Atlas turns people pro all of the time…and more often than if you look at the last several pros…they all had been training for years on their own and with other coaches doing one or two shows with James. I think it’s important to look at a coaches understanding of psychology of bodybuilding, nutrition, PEDs, and ability to tailor those variables for a client on a risk and needs based assessment. I’m incredibly underwhelmed by the current standard and the number of pros created would not be in my top ten criteria. I would argue atlas has some political pull and an excellent eye for the divieison. This goes for other big name coaches. I’d also argue that it doesn’t mean shit If you’re not a competitive pro as it doesn’t require perfect posing or political pull to win a regional or even national show in bikini.

  28. Paul’s great, but I think they scaled up as well. Like 25+ coaches at this point.

  29. This is awesome, thank you for this! Could you please talk a little more about yohimbine?

  30. Sure - it’s less preferable for a few reasons. It’s half life is shorter, must be taken fasted (free fatty acid oxidation was suppressed in fed state), there is a blunting fat burning ability after 14 days of use, and it does seem to contribute to overall fatigue.

  31. Correct me if I’m wrong (newbie here), but those who take Clen are considered enhanced/not natty, right? But someone taking yohimbine would be natty? If that’s correct, why is clen an enhanced drug and not yohimbine? Why take yohimbine when you’ve detailed why clen is better?

  32. Hey, sorry for the delay - this is all gonna depend on where you (or the rules for the show) define the natty line. If it’s a moral thing, it comes down to your comfortability. The best way to look at this as a new competitor is as a lifestyle and it’s a LONG term sport, and with that in mind, it is 💯worth educating yourself about anything you could use to give you an advantage whether it’s deemed “natty” or not. Just because something is natural does not mean it’s good for you and just bc something is normally a prescribed medication doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Imo, clen is the superior option here for many reasons not the least of which is long term health. I can make an excellent argument that yohimbine or ephedra is worse for you AND gives inferior results, but bc you can buy it from a supplement store it’s considered acceptable.

  33. I would tend to agree with Tumbleweed_Unicorn above - it all comes down to 💰💵. It if was a draw, it would be in.

  34. Just out of curiosity, the prize money depends on how popular the division right? Why is bikinis prize money so small compared to Classic?

  35. Honestly it’s a good question - bc I do feel bikini entries at regional and and national shows are disproportionally responsible for funding shows. I’d like to see the data - how many entries for bikini Vs MP, Classic, etc.

  36. Damn…read the room. And by room, I mean basic social etiquette that states nobody owes you shit. This wasn’t an impulse post either - she took the time to upload to a computer, using tracking to follow/blur the face, send back to her phone and post. Not to biggest Joey swoll fan, bc he was trash for the longest time before being a gym social justice warrior, but I’m pretty sure he’d tell you that’s personal space should be respected when lifting, but that space doesn’t extend 8 feet away to your phone.

  37. Ek didn’t blur the face. I think OP here had to do that.

  38. Geez! I didn’t catch that. Crazy…so Brian is out of town according to his story. I’d put money on Brian seeing her post it and being lkke “what the fuck are you doing?”

  39. Hey - I think just about EVERY competitor can relate to this. Sure there are outliers…but that’s what they are. This is anything but standard. It is, as others have mentioned, related to ghrelin and leptin signalling being way off despite resuming calories. This is one of the many reasons I’m not a proponent of the standard “reverse diet” - as I’ve mentioned before the people who coined the term reverse diet (ig: team3dmj) have long since abandoned the approach in favor of a “recovery diet.” They noted a 95% failure in ability to slowly reverse calories, which also subsequently is prolonging time in a deficit, hunger signaling, and ability to build muscle before next prep. You’re absolutely right - it’s really fucking hard, but seems easy for the likes of “top coaches” Adam and James to tell girls to stay within 10lbs of stage weight - sound advice coming from two dudes whose breasts I can see through t-shirts.

  40. Ooooo interesting thought about ozempic etc. Some of the theory of "why it works" is not only appetite control and hunger signaling, but it may also lower the body weight "set point." This is because obesity research proves over and over again that caloric deficit doesn't work long term. Most will regain the weight or more. People on ozempic however lose the weight and then KEEP it off, which is huge.

  41. Will let you know what I find. I do know there are PLENTY of lean people taking it. It’s very expensive, but there are large niches of people that shit miney and are willing to take this route. I do know if obesity research that suggests a deficit does not work. The weight regain is always failure to adhere to maintaince cal, decreased output, or a combination. That being said, I believe there’s good data to support higher signalling from formerly obese. It’s harder to stay lean, but it’s also but by definition, if you’re gaining you’re not in a deficit.

  42. I think this is a bit of a reach. She’s kind of yelling in the first vid and far away using her ‘customer service’ voice. Still sounds super feminine.

  43. This is a lot of a reach. She’s intentionally high pitched in the first and it the second starts out with a low hello…when looking for virilizarion, you read the same lines over into the voice pitch app. Anybody can sound several octaves apart on purpose.

  44. I would argue that you may find a woman who has a special interest in womens health (Victoria Felkar), but the reality is the average female coach has just as little knowledge as the average male coach and neither intrinsically is going to care about your health. A male coach that is excellent, will care…and an excellent female coach will also care and both will seek out the necessary knowledge. It’s very individualized in my experience, but I’ll reiterate that in the case of someone like Victoria, she had a special interest due to her own experiences and can empathize in a way that a man cannot. She’s a womens hormone specialist (actually accredited, not the self-proclaimed kind - anybody without a classical education that has gut/hormone specialist in their ig bio 🚩🚩🚩).

  45. FBF is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. Some coaches are better than others. Many seem to have 80+ clients and are spread thin.

  46. And you’re still paying 300+ I’ve heard things about several of the FBF coaches, but not enough about each one to say it wasn’t an isolated incident. Marissa suggested a girl I know take anavar immediately after switching from lifestyle to bikini (after losing ≈ 20lbs already), and contacted me to ask me about several HD muscle supps because Marissa was pushing her to use her affiliate link on $300 in supps. Jourdanne had a client that mentioned she was great until Jourdanne told her to do wellness. The client didn’t want to and wanted to continue with bikini. Jourdanne’s response was “I’m the one with the expert eye.” She continued with bikini, but felt like Jourdanne lost interest after being questioned. The girl went on to compete, had a sub-optimal experience. Jourdanne was competing that weekend and had several other clients competing and the girl felt as though she didn’t get the same attention. Ashlynn had a client working with her - the checkins were always on time (8am Thursday) according to her. She wouldn’t hear back until Monday/Tuesday and this went on for 3 months. Take all of these experiences with a grain of salt. There are always disgruntled clients. However, I do see an issue with quality control and methodology/implementation of best practices that seems to be a trade off for having an inclusive experience. This may be the direction some want to go though.

  47. Yeah it’s honestly really sad. I’ve been searching for a long time for a really good coach and tried big names and even new up and coming (cheaper coaches) but MANY a times I will ask for an explanation on why they ask me to do something and they don’t have an answer, that really bothers me. I just want someone who will be knowledgeable and I feel like what I’m paying is worth it. $350/mo is fine if you get what you pay for, but I’ve paid that and gotten 4 straight weeks of “looks good”. When I asked questions, they just say your fine, no changes.

  48. The level really does need to be raised across all divisions. Victor black says regarding gear “the question of ‘does it work’ shouldn’t be part of the conversation anymore. It should be about what works best and minimizes risk”. I would LOVE to discuss the female ped escalation with the top bikini coaches and hear their ridiculous rationales. Yes…drugs work, we get it….but what’s the best way to do this.

  49. This is me when I’m on the couch watching tv and drop my cookie who knew I was working on glutes of steel all along 😑

  50. I agree with you 100 percent... but I don't know what he could have reasonably done different. If some guy attacks your friend and you break it up.. I mean what else can you do? Wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you can say he shouldn't go to a bar in SP but I mean that's kind of sad in itself. You should be allowed to have fun in your home country without this nonsense. Sad story...

  51. Not much you can do, you’re right, but this reminds me of a lesson my dad taught me as a kid. We had a family friend that broke up a fight at a party, and kicked the kid that started it out. He then continues to hang out and party like nothing had happened and the kid came back and hit him in the face with a brick. The lesson was - if something like that happens, don’t underestimate people and sometimes the best thing to do even if you win, is gtfo of there right after. Obviously this is 20/20 hindsight, but something to keep in mind.

  52. She could have just been holding a little water due to the creatine then.

  53. I am just saying this to be accurate and I think it’s helpful to prevent potentially misleading info. I know there’s a world of bad info out there, and I just want to add some clarity for this in this group that value learning and having a better understanding of the sport.

  54. Nick we don’t need to know who you are- we just need you here sharing the knowledge. 🙌

  55. Don’t make me photoshop Carla in full military body paint with the caption “Ready for War”

  56. she has legit said that too. i love how they compare going to war to standing in a sparkly bikini and spreading their cheeks, so comparable!

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