1. Damn that sucks seems like I've seen a few of these posts I've never had problem with those jars but I've also never bought the big boys would you say it's more likely to happen with the larger amounts than the reg . 84? Tia

  2. You mean neurontin/gabapentin never heard the kids like they are a class of drug and just not a drug weird.

  3. Yes, neurontin isn't the only drug with effects like that. Why'd I get downvoted? I was just stating my opinion, alcohol tears my stomach up versus a few Neurontin

  4. Idk I didnt downvote you was just asking what you meant never heard of them referred to as that. But my guess to you being downvoted is it's prescription drugs and guess ppl don't like that you use them? Tbh it's fucking silly as hell but there alot of gate keeping fucknuts on reddit specially the cannabis ones.

  5. May I ask why you need these jars and why only 2-3? I am genuinely curious also if I had the jars I'd give them to you just pay shipping. Lord knows I have enough empty jars that are cool asf

  6. Basically I almost primarily use vapes. They're cleaner, less sketchy, easily smoke in public, just too many benefits.

  7. Ok then I may be able to offer up a few suggestions that may def help you. Check Etsy out type storage jars concentrate jars and uv jars there are some really awesome jars on there for your needs and they might not be 710 jars there are some really nicely made glass on there as well as some super heady stuff in general cannabis related ofc also if you haven't buy some integra boost or boveda two way humidity packs. I prefer integra boost bovedas have made my weed taste weird more than once but most of the time they work too. But integra has some really cool terp technology I guess you would call it also have specific terpene infused packs idk if these work actually just read about them last night while I was purchasing some off Amazon. But the reg 62% or 55% packs work great and they last a while too. There are other rh% higher and lower but they are more for cigars than cannabis but maybe look into those aswell for long term use although 62% imo and experiance is best for long term storage. Hope this helps sorry I don't have any 710 jars I actually just recently enjoyed my first gram of rosin from them like a week ago. Cheers

  8. So you beat cancer and fighting heart disease congrats even cancer couldn't stand you long enough to kill you.

  9. Don't let it fool ya man the cheap prices reflect how good this product is. Dont get me wrong some of there stuff tastes great and for live resin the price is nice but does not last at all very short lived and felt more high than medicated if that makes sense. Imo great when money is tight but lighthouse sciences is the better option ofc it is more but can find on sale regularly atleast the dispo I go to does get there terp crème it's HTSFE get all the good stuff which leads to better medication it also tastes 1000x better.

  10. Get onion browser and telegram and stop getting ripped off my dudes.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what does this prove like I haven't seen there website. Curaleaf is quintessential example of shady practices not to mention shitty product. Plz don't act like this isn't some feminist on a fucking bra burning rant. So please what is shady about harvest other than someone claiming it. If they wanted to review or bitch about it then they could make there own post and provide facts that's why my response was what it was so I am gonna do me feel free to provide factual sourced info and I will gladly listen but to act like I should just be like yea the only dispo in town I shouldn't shop at plz I don't have options close to me other than harvest.

  12. I wouldn't let it slow ya down. if the prices are proper, and they've been good to you, then it's steady on, soldier.

  13. Thanks atleast I know why they are claiming there shady which is subjective in itself cuz what I read they just taking advantage the minority owner ship to capitalize and open for business I see nothing wrong with it. It's business 101 seizing an easy opportunity and capitalizing on it. I am def not gonna let it slow me down these ppl screaming bad bad fr the one lady prob wouldn't have been so mad if it were three women yelling at them she prob wouldn't have even mentioned it or not blown the incident out of proportion.

  14. I've had one other batch exactly like this and it was animal mint smalls about a year ago . Last week I got the lemon runtz smalls ( actually because I seen you talking about it being good) and it was awesome

  15. Awesome man I'm glad you liked it, I thought it was really good def one of my favs

  16. I've never had bad luck with certified either now I have been little pissed at the half's I bought since that's usually what I buy and it bugs me to no end that it is some of there shittier looking buds but I had never encountered what you had with the tougne splasher it's good to see they really aren't the asshats everyone claims ofc I kinda knew that when I hadn't experienced any of the bullshit ppl claimed that I would buying there products.

  17. That's the exact font and label I've seen from Standard Wellness. Struck me as weird too.

  18. Yea I'd think they wouldn't use the same exact shit but then again standards shit ain't bad they prob hoping for a mistake alot of them lol only way to push this shit.

  19. I actually did answer you. EXLR and Standard are not the same.

  20. I'm sorry I must've missed that I know they aren't the same but the label is almost exactly like standards and I don't remember there labels looking like this before.

  21. Have you had ICC from Klutch or Woodward’s Wedding Cake? Those have probably been my favorite cake strains in the program.

  22. Yes to both used to big icc klutch but they tired out then had troubles with them like everyone else. Woodwards isn't bad at all standard has one of the better wedding cake strains. Wedding punch with certified is fire too.

  23. You too, bro! Positive vibes your way! Keep up the great work. You're doing real public service here.

  24. Does it show that bad man you got me despite me saying this aswell as pure speculation along with the sense that it is silly to do and these clowns that are growing some of the shit wouldn't surprise me if they did do stupid shit like this.

  25. There are a few that obviously have someone that knows what they are doing at the helm. Yea a few of them would benefit from the grow bible got the spiral bound reference it alot and will be in the future one of the best books I've got off amazon

  26. Shit man sorry to see you got burned again. I really want them to get it together so I have more options at their dispensary.

  27. Def I think that is ware the Motorbreath came form when they made there debut that shit is fire most of there stuff looks like fire but then it's dry and lacks in terps. This one def surprised me at how bad it is.

  28. I've kept eyes on them since they've released since I'm close to the facility. The Motor breath popped up with the Big Smooth. I remember people not liking it either but the Motor Breath was up to par.

  29. Yes your correct Motorbreath has been non existent that's why I joked about it being from someware else. But I am with ya there too they have some interesting genetics mainly the Cindy Williams. Cindy99 x Williams wonder which is clone only put of Canada a strain that I very much want to try this is prob as close to that as I will get.

  30. You can try the 1906 drops I've tried them all and def tried the love ones I saw no difference in taking those ones although the other ones worked pretty well for me idk what it was bout them but you could try them they are supposed to have few different aphrodisiacs along with small amount of THC 2mg I think and little more CBD. But if your smoking I'd go with NYC chem, sour blue diesel def gets the blood pumping, chem Fuego as someone else mentioned. Also pineapple upside down cake from galenas is pretty nice head high. Ime those are what helps my sexual experiences.

  31. May I ask what are you breeding this with. Don't see alot of ghost train Haze crosses I'm very interested to see how the end result is aswell thanks for the post.

  32. That blueberry cookies looks like shit. You can see all the fats and lipids. Christ did they even Dewax it at all wouldn't surprised me if it left a lot of burnt materia is left behind I can't believe this is by standard they usually do pretty decent with there concentrates. Thanks for the post will def be avoiding this product. But I am confused I thought elixir was its own brand not standard.

  33. Thank you, that's perfect. I've only had, I think it was white runtz. I loved it. These are going on my "to buy" list!

  34. Yea it's like 2% myrcene almost 4% total terps very nice stuff.

  35. Damn. Yea I'm sold (you mean the Lemon Runtz to make sure right?)

  36. yeah I couldn't turn down 25% off BE for my first time lol. got 3 packs for 105 which is still expensive but 🤷‍♂️😅

  37. The notorious is one of my favs from them specially for the cost $40 for . 84 not on sale so t bad usually that's a sale price but I got the live resin notorious it's GMO x TK Skunk does kinda have a shit smell I suppose but times I've had it was pretty good it's one of there better strains imo. Lighthouse sciences is my go to for BHO everything they make is fire most of it is Farkas flower some cokoh. But it's best way to enjoy Farkas flower no gamble on if they got the cure right

  38. Edit: Pretty pissed off because I paid $120 for this, I was iffy when I saw it but he swore it was "Cold cured rosin" I've tried texting and calling him after reading these comments but he is not replying or answering which is odd because he usually does.

  39. Beat his ass dude only way to save face here and after your done take your money back plus interest and we in a inflated economy rn interest rates through the roof.

  40. This is your fault why would you not have them verify the order. I agree it's a shit show there I quit going when they quit carrying ascension after the one time trying it and yelling them have never seen this anyware was still new to program then. I also could never get there online ordering to work for me. But again I always ask if it's the right product if they think they are not going over my order at check out. But there inventory sucks concentrate menu is ass why not just drive the 30min to harvest in Athens wya better inventory very friendly and they also always review order before purchase and will gladly add anything once back there unlike some places that will make you get in line and do everything over again despite there not being any kindve a line. So sorry to say this one is on you should've known better. But I am with ya buckeye botanical not good

  41. Alright soni finally broke down and bought Eastside Gary I have been wanting to try something that is close to Gary Peyton my first attempt was in the fall friend grew some but dk if it was really GP genetics of any type still was very good. I suppose this is my next best chance right? I can say I wasn't disappointed but also it's not getting great marks across the board.

  42. Pro is awesome plus sux doesn't hold that much and it's just not that great. Crossings makes a pretty nice pen aswell 3grams is another brand that makes great wax pens.

  43. He put up a post in his F1 fan boy FB group, so now they are gonna come here. He posted saying this is a hate thread but anyone with an opinion these days is classified a hater. Ya all his middle finger stickers are in the trash can..

  44. That explains a lot man this shit is crazy I've chatted with dude about these posts. Thought he understood it was people's opinions he even agreed with me on the stupid clown. But then I think this has happened it's fucking hilarious cuz they say ppl need to grow up but the clown is the most childish shit I've seen. Not to mention I've called him out telling me I don't know what I'm talking about cuz I said it takes no skill to chuck pollen at some shit then package that up and sell them I am a novice and I could do what they are doing. He claimed to have f8 but I saw none on there site only a couple backcrosses def no f8. Like I said to him you don't see mephisto or 420fastbuds,night owl or even ethos or any company for that matter take a post so personal.

  45. Yea he didn't know I was gonna try em out just thought we had a good conversation so thought I'd try them out but then weeks later start getting all this shit and the FB shit def decided I was right in the beginning not worth my time.

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