1. Hell yeah, self-acre is key! Growing crops on my body is the best decision I've ever made.

  2. Damn that’s awesome. You recommend it? Sweet little thing. I currently use a rig and torch bc I’m poor atm due to being off work from an injury…. Thankfully almost back to work just gotta continue my strength training… I’m an arborist so not being able to climb for two years really screwed my endurance and muscle strength. So excited to be getting back in the canopy.

  3. Dude I have alot of friends that trim trees but never thought to call them an arborist. Googles def is awesome btw. Tree surgeon

  4. Dude this is cool asf, ware might I find one of these. I just think this device would be great and good conversation starter.

  5. 3grams makes a nice tip that screws on to any 510 battery. Plus it's only $13 bucks

  6. Awesome, thanks so much for this! What do you mean by rehydrating flower? Putting it in with some boveda packs before pressing?

  7. Hydro stones if it's really dry there cheap too. Raw makes some there on Amazon think a two or four pack is like five bucks

  8. I’ve had 2/4 of my Cura leaf shakes be popcorn actually. Never had their carts aside from select. They’re the #1 cannabis company in the world and probably look past quality checks since they’re so big.

  9. Curaleaf is the epitomy of trash cultivation trash owner ship Russian oligarchs. Funny thing is no one has ever asked ware there money came from to start curaleaf sure they owned the biggest oil company in Russia and sold it back to Russia for 50x what they paid for it which the money for that came from mother Russia. There is also a third person involved who is also Russian monster. They have countless law suits they sold THC tinctures as CBD products essentially poisoning people not to mention the outrageous amounts of fines they receive. Curaleaf is fucking garbage and ppl need to know these things.

  10. TY for posting, more people should be aware of this!

  11. Def I hate curaleaf and I hate big corp cannabis I would love to legally farm cannabis but I can't cuz I can't afford to pay the govt more money than I have seen in my life just to grow it also enrages me that no one cares ware there money came from cuz they have alot of it plus there product is subpar on all levels. I make it my personal mission to inform the masses about these pos especially.

  12. Why do you people buy shake them complain when it's exactly like shake is supposed to be. Have y'all never got those cheap fat sacks that were bottom of the lb from your plug before shit was legal. I've bought ground bud twice in hopes of getting those smalls packs I see ppl get never happened for me I quit buying it cuz it sucks. I can a lb is shit like this for extraction purposes for 200 smdh

  13. This is literally trim. It’s not shake. Certified does not leave on a bunch of long sugar leaves with their flower. This is the stuff that they got from trimming it not stuff that shook off of trimmed flower.

  14. I was using the generalized term shake to cover trim ground bud, and bottom of the lb. So not sure why you are correcting me. I don't see the point in buying it anyhow specially 65 a half. I get maybe hoping to luck out and get some rough cut smalls or something but to me the reward is not greater than the risk.

  15. Boost 62rh? Boveda 62rh? I do the little bit of wet paper towel, like a quarter size then fold it smaller. Use DISTILLED WATER. Not purified water, but distilled. Get piece of paper towel wet. Not soaking. Use judgement Using purified water it makes it take on that "hay/cut grass" smell. If turning to dust, I'd keep wet paper towel inside for 1 day. Oh, I'm also using mason jars to store an oz or so in each. I'm sure you could make it work with a baggie. It brings some life back. Should eliminate the dust at least

  16. Dude buy some hydro stones fuck all that distilled not purified, not to wet fold this way that is alot of tedious bullshit when hydro stones are like 5 bucks on amazon. Also what size jars you using if it's the bigger ones be careful the more Air there is in the jar more chances of drying out if your getting into it alot ime atleast.

  17. I really like their live resin lusters so u don’t have to worry about the proprietary cart failing. I’ve had Cherry Cane which was a super stimulating sativa and Who Dey’Z. They kinda tasted the same for some reason but it’s a pleasant super lemon flavor so I won’t complain. Haven’t had one of their indicas yet but I’m waiting on wedding punch

  18. Goddamn that's helluva a screen name. Hope you don't end up on screen name checks out. But seriously at 7am that was the laugh I needed.

  19. Thank you! I have heard that ball vapes are the way to go.

  20. Ok you give me a few I will dm you my theory and I am just a lover of cannabis I am not a scientist or anyone with credentials that would sum up my opinion as anything other than a semi self educated man that is able to articulate his thoughts on a somewhat educated level lol. But I am 35 I have smoked weed since I was 10 and I grew up around outlaw cannabis farmers southeastern Ohio.

  21. Sounds like we have a similar relationship to cannabis. I would love to read your thoughts!

  22. I’ve never heard of one of these before! It looks pretty dope! I might have to invest

  23. So are these other artists giving this discount for smashing only Goliath rigs??

  24. That is fucking awesome dude is def POS I ain't too hip in the glass world but I even recognized few of those names you mentioned. Wish I had money to just throw away I'd def be down.

  25. Ppl ignore this post this is the worst product offers by this company. They actually produce the best rosin in Ohio they call this hash coins and they suck.

  26. 🤣 Ohio! No offense to anyone from that horrid place (especially Columbus🤮), Ohio and hash do not belong in the same sentence together! /s

  27. Lol hey now the BM hash here ain't bad bro. You gotta go southeastern Ohio to the hills the original breeder of skunk #1 is from my area.

  28. This is my dream am still new with the ceroma but plans on upgrading soon my birthday is not far off. When I saw the u piece on DHgate this is exactly what I pictured bravo as always sir.

  29. The pretentiousness coming from op and a few others on this thread is sickening. Literally op got mad cuz dude didn't give two shots about how much money he made op is fucking stupid that he thinks dude is mad or jealous when he just doesn't give two shots then like a good little asshole tries to make fun of him for using psychedelics. It's threads like this that has made me not like this sub so much anymore. Jesus Christ you people fucking kill me.

  30. Then block me or something bum . I simply jus stated what I made for whatever reason and dude reply’s “cool story “ how you take that ? What’s that mean to you ? To me it’s as if I’m lying for w e reason . Am I wrong to think “ cool story “ means I’m making up a story ?

  31. No but I think he just didn't care bro. You still can't let it go why do you care if he believes you or not. You still don't have to be a pretentious dick about it

  32. Yea I haven't tried that one . But I think it's one of their newer strains. Also a harvest from November is pretty new and fresh

  33. Not in Ohio usually shit is bone dry after a month on the shelves.

  34. Select everywhere is garbage it's curaleaf Russian bullshit.

  35. I saw this video when I was a kid, my dad had it as he had been promoted to detective it was apart of some easy mistakes to avoid as a detective this was one of those videos. I forgot all about this video and it was fairly recent after it had happened when I saw this video like 2004-05.

  36. I don't know the first thing about ice hash's price, is $20 bad or something? Why is

  37. I would say cuz it's most likely BM, I took can get ice hash for the same price and it is BM.

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