1. Man I'm kinda let down was hoping this got more interesting.

  2. I can't speak on this exact recycler but I have the orange and green smoq top. Let me tell you those things are tanks mine has fallen from 4ft+ and not even a crack now this has happened twice I am not trying to find out if third time is the charm. But I can say they make fairly tough rips for the price. I'd bet some of those 4-500 buck tops wouldn't have held up.

  3. Best advice I can give is tolerance breaks are a joke. I found it way easier to only smoke at night time or atleast after work. Giving your mind "sober" time does do wonders for your tolerance without having to quit for a long time.

  4. Ok my dude let me help you they didn't crc the fuck out of that crc is cor remediation if your wondering it's how they make concentrates that nice golden color or other desired colors but it consists of gold or yellow. Anyways take some parchment paper and then take your dab and place it on the parchment paper and then press with your fingers it will warm it up causing it to stick together which will make for better handling. Btw it's called flagging if my explanation didn't hit the mark I'm sure there are YouTube videos on it.

  5. It's all good. Ive been to quite a few dispensaries in ohio that literally give you the drug dealer vibe (cant see in,even the office,blind buy everytime,budtenders know very little aside from reading the name on the bag) so fuck it. We might as well have a covert operations strain. It's only fitting. This one was probably developed by Walter White and delivered to the dispensary by Micheal Weston. When you're burned,you've got nothing.

  6. Hahaha this made me laugh out loud fr thank you I needed this laugh.

  7. Interesting I'm not sure how you know this but based on your posts that I've seen you don't seem to be full of shit anyways. So I am inclined to believe you I emailed them back and said you obviously didn't answer my question, I followed it up with alot of why it's important to me to know the strain and lineage as it helps me on finding good medicine that I might otherwise over look. I've tried strains based on its parentage. Also I'm a conisuer who prob goes a little over the top with the need to know as much as I can about interests and hobbies alike. Thank you for this info

  8. Awesome I def will have to check them out. You sir are a fountain of great old school tunes that to me are obscure or atleast forgotten from most minds.

  9. I had the same problem with the JDOG AND GHOST OG ofc there wasn't any visible mold but fuck it tasted so bad specially the JDOG. I know this taste and smell being told it's supposed to be earthy and I don't know what mold is. It's very insulting ofc it passed the tests if not I wouldn't have it in my possession. What sux is I've had other flower with similar problems just not quite as bad. Shitty thing got Donny burger superflux same shit. I got it sitting in a jar with the lid off and an integra pack might help it I've done this many times jait not in years and this was from ppl that were amateur growers.

  10. Why would they not make that clear on the label? That's strange. Thanks for the update on their reply, I was curious.

  11. No problem I thought the same it's not like it's some huge long 77.23000 letters.

  12. That would be chlorophyll you are smelling and tasting my friend. Shame too cuz I'm sure properly dried and cured that would be some tasty smoke.

  13. Doesn't look bad at all but would you happen to know what the abbreviations are hate when they do this then I gotta do some more "work" to find out. I'm always curious when I see strains I haven't seen or atlesst I haven't seen this before that I know of

  14. since some of you were asking to fuck up the reviews, the store is Willow Pharmacy in Madisonville, Louisiana. need help making a change, this is ridiculous

  15. This looks like Ohio when it first went med. The prices are cheaper now but still crazy. But compared to what they are charging and what you bought is rediculous. I pay 60-75 for a . 84 of rosin (the . 84 is Ohio's maximum allotment for a day. To get an actual g it cost you two days worth of meds idk why . 16 more is a whole day it's fucked) also hopefully it gets cheaper as more dispos pop up that is what's happening here it's only been 6yrs since OH went med but the last yr and a half things have picked up more and more ppl are getting there cards cuz it's somewhat affordable. Getting better it will for you guys too just hang in there and don't buy bullshit like that.

  16. The vendor from Certified told me it was a flower they use only for hash rosin. Claims it stands for "Shit Like That" Truthfully I believe it's the best hash rosin in the Ohio game!!!! Gotta love wax Wednesdays with the stacked Indigent discount!!!!! Took out a large portion of a shitty dispo near me that happened to land a buy of this.

  17. Update on the SLT: I tried to use the screen shot of my email but wouldn't let me also tried copy paste but on here doesn't let me use copy paste. But the email says it's an in house strain by one of there growers it is mpr 1 x cookies now I looked on there site rainbow cookies has mpr1 in it but it zkittles plus I could find no info on mpr1 all the info it brought up was radio and mmj stuff besides certified and that's how I found the rainbow cookies lineage. But also shit like that seems to be what they are calling it was at the dispo and dude told me the same thing.

  18. That would be Southside legend it would def be on the label. I believe it is actually cannabis they grew jait for rosin. SLT=solventless. That's what the dispo had it in the computer as and it just says solventless extracted cannabis live rosin.

  19. Again baked, lol, u asked about the XL’s and I’m talking about the Ceroma. The XL’s are for those, not me that need and want that bigger bowl, along with a way bigger heating mass based on size and amount of rubies they hold. I love the reg size as I can micro dose as well

  20. I want to get those nice rips but have seen the ceroma for under 300 I'm just afraid that after having the one I will want the XL and end up buying it aswell. I'm sure the ceroma would surprise the hell out of me.

  21. The bowls for the regular are not small at all, XL’s r just colossal . Believe me, u will get huge rips out of any of their models once you get ur draw speed down. Check out SuproValco’s vids. He’s got monster lungs, but any model he uses, he turns white.

  22. Yes I've seen his vids. His videos was the first I saw or even heard of the Taroma and qaroma. Since then I've been back and forth with it now I have mad rmy mind up to get one it's just which one and how long will I have to save up for. Now if go with ceroma or Taroma 2 if I upgraded would I just need the coil and bowl my pid system would power that correct or no?

  23. More weed or some type of CBD flower I also know people that use delta 8&9 stuff but I'm not a fan so idk what it's like.

  24. I noticed those at the dispo but price don't make sense there for a little more you can get a half.

  25. I used to be big on klutch very consistent but I wanted to branch out and found there are alot of great options out there for flower but they have the luster pod game on lock ove tried several other luster's and so far klutch takes the cake no one else is close. But l recently purchased JDOG & GHOST OG and it was terrible moldy taste and smell more so the JDOG. But I've also seen other posts about the same issues. So I am little surprised to hear issues with there oils now.

  26. You look like somebody tried to draw Billy Corgan from memory, but that person had a traumatic brain injury and all he had to draw with was a charcoal briquette

  27. There is two people who appear to not be white in the first photo one doing the peeing and the other getting peed on so why say white people shit when there is obviously multi racial folk in the pic.

  28. So, last week I posted on here about a disposable vape product I had purchased, and within a few hours, lighthouse contacted me, refunded my $, and sent me this awesome swag pack!

  29. It would be nice but as long as there is companies like this I have no worries others will keep on with there bs and others will also do as lighthouse does but let's be honest no1 can or has yet to produce the quality thegly put out every time. I also received this swag pack but mine was for being a loyal customer the stickers are super nice and durable.

  30. I own a pax3 with a bubbler attachment from sneakypetes it rips pretty nice. Tbh there are way better vapes out there it's are you willing to spend the money the mighty+ or crafty are nice. Planet of the vapes one seems to be getting pretty popular. I've seen them in action they rip. Now my dream vape a the Taroma XL there is no other dry herb vape on the planet that can rip like a Taroma check them out also tiny might is suppose to be the new little big guy in town.

  31. Grunch, you know I wondered what happened to ya thsi sub been boring. Def need that flip and rip back in here cheers my dude. It sounds like your summer was awesome

  32. GMO•ROOTBEER X RAINBOW CHIP I'd love to see how that turns out I am GMO freak I swear there is something addictive about it and it's crosses that garlic love it so much. Good luck my dude and I love seeing shit like this. Hoping for my living situation and some other things to fall into place so I can grow and one day be doing something like this so awesome and very cool my dude.

  33. Saw this on the menu in Jackson thought about making the drive for it since CC and harvest doesn't have this one yet. Also nice on the allbud that is my go to for strain and lineage info.

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