1. Their top 3 hits or so are pretty meh but I love The pusher and Toes across the floor

  2. The Pusher is a great song! I Wonder is also a banger.

  3. Rushmore, Eye of the Beholder, The Lobster, Fatal Attraction, Thirst (Korean), Decision to Leave (Korean)

  4. The Lobster is such a weird yet awesome movie!

  5. Romulus! Your butterflies are porking!

  6. Garrett Bolles. He had one fluke year where he played well and they gave him a big contract extension, but overall he is a penalty machine and he sucks pretty bad.

  7. Patrick Stewart, but not in the roles that made him a household name (Star Trek TNG & Xmen) but Green Room.

  8. Green Room is a solid movie. It was cool seeing Stewart as a bad guy.

  9. I'm assuming that filming Step Brothers was a blast. Richard and Mary leaned into those roles and had fun with them.

  10. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a dinosaur..

  11. The way Christopher Lloyd delivers this line fucking kills me.

  12. Dude is a politician in Belize now. He made some great music back in the day.

  13. Kissel's "it's all unattractive dudes" take on AA is kind of off putting and weird. My dad was in AA. Yes it was mostly dudes, but he met my stepmom there and the one session I attended with him had a keynote speaker who was a long time housewife. The entire point of her speech was that people assumed she couldn't be an alcoholic because she was the model Good Wife who just enjoyed glasses of wine at home. Meanwhile she was drinking so much wine that every night was a blackout night.

  14. I think he was playing it up for laughs, but you’re right. There are some very attractive people in AA. There’s people of all different levels of attractiveness, race, social and cultural backgrounds, etc. in AA.

  15. Farting in the Velvet Sea Fart Zero Farteyed and painless Fart of the Cave First Fart

  16. Jeffrey Donovan, of Burn Notice fame. He was brilliant in that show, and he was great in Sicario and The Changeling, as well. But he doesn’t seem to do much these days other than that horrible RIPD sequel.

  17. He was in Wrath of Man pretty recently and was solid. I loved him in Fargo season 2.

  18. I’ve noticed that they seem to have much higher rates of mental illness than previous generations, which is sad. What sucks about it is a lot of Gen Z wears these illnesses like a badge of honor, and use them as an excuse for shitty behavior. Just because you have bipolar disorder, etc. doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for your actions.

  19. “Jack your boner!” “Whadda ya want me to do woman! Cut it off?”

  20. Tim Blake Nelson, Michael Shannon, Steve Buscemi off the top of my head. Jon C. Reilly too. He’s known more for comedies in recent years, but he has some serious chops when it comes to dramatic acting too.

  21. In that case the emergency lights should be on. Except they have no reason to be on because they said themselves that they were filling up paperwork. She doesn't only have a point: she's right. They have no right because they have no reason to be there. She's overreacting, but I get the sense that people would be less deriding if she didn't have an annoying voice.

  22. Euphoria. I gave it a couple tries but I just couldn’t get into it.

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