1. These are comparable to the CO2 oil from a few companies here in ohio. Grow ohio being the best atm. We have a thing called luster pods. From what I've been told they're right up there with these and stizzy or better

  2. Funny you commented on this. I actually took another shot at edibles yesterday . 100mg and nada. It really sucks. Before I got my medical card 50 mg used to wreck me.

  3. Just looked today and lots of dispos in Monroe have oz deals..2oz for $89-110.00. got a couple oz up there last week at nirvana center for $117 after tax and it's pretty good.

  4. Look up Amazing Buds and adrian. They price match within 30 Mi on all concentrates and edibles. Most of their flower is $75 to $100

  5. Wow, downvoted for a joke. Its ok people, I know that's not what the ride is really called. Christ.....

  6. Member berries are from a recent season of South Park lol

  7. To be fair my dispensary had oil in a full spectrum cart ( Rythm ) called member Berry. I guess it's an actual strain.

  8. If smoking boof carts was Super Mario Brothers, this would be the boss at the end of 7-4. Not quite the final boss fight, but almost

  9. “Best gas station cart” is the wildest combination of words I’ve seen on here

  10. Indoor really interests me as you have complete control over every aspect. I used to be the guy that preached indoor. However, lately, it's really hard to compete with the sun, the wind and the rain. Bonus free nitrogen if there is a lightning storm! Outdoor just oozes terps imo. Like the sticky kind. Like ringing it out bwfore you roll, ahem, grind one to vaporize lol 😆.

  11. Nothing wrong with outdoor as long as it's a proper strain for it. My neighbor across the street This Old Man finally got some good genetics and his behind the garage grow was fantastic this year . Think he harvested like 2+ lbs this year. With all the craft genetics that are out there you can find genetics more Well Suited for sunlight. I always wanted to try a strain like some old school Big Bud that apparently does exceptionally well Outdoors .

  12. Yes! Old school Big Bud is excellent for outdoor conditions. Really, a lot of strains will do well outdoors as long as it's not a 12+week flowerer. No native to the equator landraces for me lol.

  13. Icc or some dominant cross is what I plan on doing next... I mean when it's legal in my state of course

  14. Tonight the flavors are , Ice cream cake by Standard wellness & Banana Cream by GTI ( ohio ) via rice paper joint and pax3 vape. The banana cream tastes like a classic og 👍🏻 . Pine, earthy, gas. Not what I expected.

  15. Got this once and I was super impressed. Seems to be a very dialed in strain. Beautiful buds.

  16. Sorry. I removed it. I saw "Jack "and the old raver in me came out. Im sure most didn't get it🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. It says 4 comments but I can’t see them. Am I the only one?

  18. I think the mods have it set up where they have to manually approve comments of ppl below a certain level of karma. And they are lazy and don’t get to most of them

  19. I've made some posts in this sub that don't get posted. Others do. It's odd. It's the only sub I have issues with 🤷🏻‍♂️. I've messaged mods about this and just getting ignored.

  20. I noticed the new account also. I enjoy some of Klutchs products,, I dont like others, but ...yeaaaaaaaa 😐.

  21. Hey! Thats my Uncle Jacks phone number. Well Ill be gollee. I always knew that varmit was a no good trickster.

  22. That sucks. I consistently get 150 to 300 plus gbps outdoors around my area. An Im on prepaid ( T-Mobile doesn't deprioritize their prepaid to postpaid)

  23. Lol the drunk a-holes are nothing. Seems like most of the human trash that walk into the park (usually teens and young adults) are vaping in line, hitting dab pens, cutting in line, and constantly making scenes/others uncomfortable to be around. Ridiculous they blocked you for that comment.

  24. There's a way to smoke and vape in the park without being disrespectful to others. Not everybody who smokes and Vapes is inconsiderate. Nobody's ever complained to me or even give me a dirty look. I make sure I'm off in the cut by myself. No kids. Etc. Honestly getting rid of the smoking sections inside the park was one of the worst things they've ever done. Especially for non-smokers who have to deal with rude people.

  25. I agree. I do both occasionally but I’m always sure to do so before going in (before they removed the secluded smoking sections). For a park like Disney or Universal, I get it. Cedar Point and the crowds it draws in? It’s so annoying to me how people can be so inconsiderate and it comes off as trashy to me when they’re doing it in the middle of a line or a crowd. Just not cool for anyone, but I’m on the same page as you.

  26. Yeah don't hit your pen in line. If you smoke a cigg while walking , I cup it and blow hits away and even in my shirt sometimes. I'll even knock the Cherry off of it and stop if a crowd gets around me. In quite honestly it's legal. Give people a break. I personally don't like drinking and have had some issues with other people being alcoholics in my life. It affects my mental health the same as secondhand smoke affects your physical health. I still got to deal with people drinking around me.

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