1. I’m plat 3 and could us a duo for tourney. I’m in NAE so if you guys are interested hit me up.

  2. Appreciate the offer. This was a random teammate but we never got a 3rd. Just frustrating to join a tournament and be at such a disadvantage.

  3. Purple sees me scan. At the end of game it’s purple, me and blue. Blue tells purple it’s me and they both vote me out.

  4. Is it possible visuals were off and they thought you faked the task?

  5. If not for his name it would be Scott Frost for me. If you looked just at the numbers, no bowl games, no decent draft picks besides Jurgens in the second, got worse instead of improved…

  6. “West side” is a bit vague, how far from the lake will you be?

  7. I am traveling to Bellaire. Coming from chicago area if that gives you a better idea. GPS says to take I196 and then highway 137. However I can travel any of the highways if there is a must see spot/fishing area and cut over at any point (no set directions by boss).

  8. Give us the highway you're taking north, that will help. You're going to be in the northern part of the lower peninsula, the options are endless

  9. So gps tells me to take I196 and then take highway 137.

  10. At least you got a teammate in a tournament, I didn’t even get one 5 minutes ago…

  11. My dog can use their nose to shut my Xbox down mid game. That’s my handicap.

  12. Makes sense at that point. But down 1 or 2 with another half the match to play, I don't really get it

  13. My personal opinion is match by match basis. If I’m playing with guys who don’t rotate and can’t hit the ball well consistently, I may want to ff to get to the next match to find different teammates with a play style that fits mine. Or if I center easy open goals and both teammates miss the shots (primarily play 3s), I may want to forfeit. Very rarely do I actually forfeit before down 4 goals, but it can happen.

  14. Logan Smothers at Jacksonville State. With all the coaching changes and things happening, never heard him complain or make excuses at Nebraska. Would love to see him have a great year at Jacksonville State. He has my respect.

  15. I stay in lobbies where there are teamers and talk mad shit to them and button early saying I saw one vent etc. then I hope eventually I get host, because as soon as I do I ban one and comment “so are you gonna go too?”. When they leave I feel so good!

  16. Y’all crushing OP’s soul with your comments. 😭

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