1. Imagine being a lib center who cares what the government is doing.

  2. As long as the government has control over me of course I care about what it is doing??

  3. If you don’t fix leaks, and increase the population by millions without improving water infrastructure, it’s really no shock we’re short on drinking water. Add climate change in to the mix and we’re in real trouble.

  4. I'm with you on everything apart from the chip you have on your shoulder about immigration. The UK can support far more people its just that due to lack of investment in infrastructure it can look like we can't. If we actually built any new infrastructure or at least maintained what we already have then we wouldn't have an issue. but no instead Tories and red Tories. have refused to fund any thing so now our infrastructure and healthcare are dealing with more people with less money than they had before.

  5. Uyghur genocide is widely accepted and known about. Even orange recognise it. The only people who think talking about the Uyghur genocide is racist are Auth Left tankies.

  6. Dude I got called a racist many times just for saying that the Chinese government is evil and they shouldn't support it just because they are Chinese too.

  7. They've just been propagandised by the Chinese government to believe any criticism against the Chinese government is racist.

  8. I mean surely the authright one would be all the shitty supplements that all the rightoid influencers sell to their sheep.

  9. It always makes me chuckle when these people think they could take on the American government but struggle to take on a stair well

  10. I don’t know about other animals, but I know that some invasive species of reptile have been beneficial to the ecosystem that they have integrated into.

  11. Why are you acting like trump is some genius who saw this before anyone else? People have been saying this ever since the first nord stream was announced.

  12. Since when is Labour a working class party for working class people again? They've been a bunch of champagne socialists pandering to the metropolitan elite since Tony Blair mate

  13. And its been bullshit ever since then. They still need to return to protecting the labour force

  14. How is that 'western democracy' working out for you guys?

  15. Maybe the labour party should already be supporting the bloody unions instead of doing a shit job at roleplaying as Tories which alienates their own voters and does nothing to win over Tories.

  16. Because the subreddit was never actually going to get banned precisely because the mods were working with the admins to keep it alive?

  17. Based. Now go and try to explain that to people that call voter ID cards racist.

  18. Because ID in European countries is handled differently from America. American's main form of ID is their social security number which literally used to have "Do not use as ID" printed on it because it is not meant for use as an ID but people keep using it despite it having no security.

  19. Daily reminder that god isn't real and this sub has a conniption fit when that fact is mentioned LOL

  20. Our Queen has parliament vote on how much money the royal family is allowed to keep.

  21. It matters. For some more than others. Some girls like their cervix hit...some don't. I know there are girls who will care way less about size than others. Find your ideal woman.

  22. Other subs have been banned for far less. There are subreddits dedicated entirely and exclusively to demanding that PCM be shut down.

  23. Only its obvious that the reddit admins are communicating with the moderators of this subreddit and they are working together to keep the subreddit unbanned. I doubt the less than kind people over at the do land subreddit tried to keep their cesspool alive

  24. Aw classic libright thinking that a tiny minority of low value customers can have any impact on an company policy.

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