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  1. It was written in iambic pentameter and is typically associated with a rhythm that accommodates 10 syllables per line and separates them as such. This is a reading of the correct prose but with a different take on the delivery. I do agree with you that readings like this are much more accessible today.

  2. This. They weren't packing crowds of drunk punters into the theater just to murmur to each other. This is like a slow acoustic cover of a rap song in comparison to how it was written to be performed.

  3. How do you enforce ownership? What's to stop someone from cloning those models just with a different address?

  4. On a 90's family PC desk, no less. Where's the beige two-knob JBL speakers?

  5. A way to prevent it in your sleep is to sleep with your legs in a v shape onto the side (it only happens when your legs are straight out)

  6. You say that like you mean people choose their sleeping positions and then don't move during the night.

  7. You know what, I'm saying it - I don't care if these things go extinct. They look like a Brundelfly version of a manatee and a sex offender.

  8. We're about to go extinct, but at least capitalism is the most efficient way to distribute resources and plan for the future.

  9. First Star Wars content where I noticed my heart pounding, and I noticed it in 3 different episodes. The buildup episodes were integral to that experience. If they want faster content, go watch an MCU movie

  10. It’s not oil companies producing the most carbon… it’s 3 corporations never specified what they are for.

  11. It literally is fossil fuel companies producing the most carbon. Like that is the most fundamental fact to the concept of climate change. We as a species are digging into inert deposits of old 'fossil' carbon and re-introducing it into the short carbon cycle. While there, it accumulates in the atmosphere and increases the amount of energy from the Sun that the Earth retains.

  12. I agree with you that governments are evil. Not the only evil, but evil. That doesn't make the facts go away, however. You don't get to just pick and choose reality.

  13. "I deal with facts" "People have been redesigning car engines to run on water"

  14. I used to organise Buy Nothing Day protests. And then one day the AdBusters magazine arrived with a hole in the center of it and I realised it was probably a worse magazine than People.

  15. You're making financial decisions that are not based anywhere close to reality. You might as well put all you money into teleportation or energy shields.

  16. Basically, world civilization has been going through a perfect golden age since 1945.

  17. LOL only poor people don't order everything they want on a whim from Amazon.

  18. Published recently on Slate, the following article takes a critical look at the promises of turning landfills into energy. Unfortunately the basic laws of thermodynamics arent so merciful.

  19. If there is enough plastic, it will burn. If it burns, it releases energy. People in slums already burn plastic waste to cook and boil water. Not like there's trees left to use as fuel. It'll be the same in the west soon enough.

  20. I miss when collapse was about things other than near-term rapidly accelerating climate change.

  21. BUt tHe MiLankOVitch cYcLES! We'd be in another ice age if it wasn't for fossil fuels! I saw it on the nuanced, informed and well-researched news show with Joe Rogan. /s

  22. South Africans got that treatment for a bit. Just wish this incident was for being representatives of an apartheid state, rather than antisemitism.

  23. Bullshit. I'll stay up all night worrying about the eventual heat death of the universe.

  24. Only got "between 75 and 85 % correct". A bit disappointed, though I imagine the evo psych stuff threw me, I dont know much about it. Although given everyone here seems to have gotten that score, maybe they just say that to everyone.

  25. Front door is so inviting and unpretentious. Really home-y.

  26. There are people still protesting in western nations and painting this on the government actions here. Just because they had to wear a mask on the bus or in McDonalds.

  27. Who's simping? Every leftist I've seen is loving it that Qatar is melting down on the world stage while also fucking Anheuser-Busch.

  28. 2 million BPD is about 2% of global usage. That's huge. The only surprising thing is that oil companies think their production horizons justify the cost. Shale is dead. It was always a low EROEI project that supplied a product at barely break-even prices from an absolutist viewpoint.

  29. This is how the Matrix started hahaha nervous laugh. They watched the movies right?

  30. It's fine, the AIs will have fusion solved in 50 years or so.

  31. Yeah, let's reduce photosynthesis, the base energy source of 99.999% of life on Earth, by like 10% while still acidifying the ocean. That couldn't possibly have an extinction level efect all on its own.

  32. Have you heard the saying 'a little knowledge is a bad thing'? Because this picture exemplifies that. It is dangerous to put out information that is completely lacking in detail and calling it a guide. Relying on this in any way to try to ID a mushroom will get someone seriously ill or dead. This should be taken down.

  33. Clearly because Americans got universal healthcare and not because corporations offshored while burning taxpayer money.

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