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  1. Tyke and Sons Lumber Co. If looking at its GameJolt page doesn't convince you, then look up ONE video about it on YouTube however you will miss out on one if the coolest reveals ever. Just trust me, you'll want to install the game and see for yourself regardless what you may think initially

  2. If filming hasn't even started, it's still gonna take a long time to come out

  3. Filming tends to take around, what? 4 months? 5 months? Add an extra 3 - 4 from post production and you'd have a very late 2023 release.

  4. Probably the same reaction everyone else had back in 2014. Except I'd think it would run off a better engine thus looking a little bit better

  5. now might be a good time to mention the fnaf wikis got raided a long time ago and everything is false and it gets changed back to the misinfo every time someone tries to fix it

  6. Fnaf 1. This came from the wiki as I was trying to figure out exactly how freddy worked

  7. I liked everything about the theory up until the point where he said there are multiple Elizabeth's.

  8. I didn't know they got hard. Maybe I wasn't paying attention my entire life....?

  9. I don't think so. That mother f***er would randomly appear in my left hallway corner, juts to not attack me and then teleport all the way back to the dining area

  10. In a way I agree. But at the same time the touch of another human being that you are romantically involved in is nice. I was in a relationship for 3 years, and now she's gone I feel free but I mostly feel touch deprived and unloved. It's honestly my own fault but if I could go back in time I would :(

  11. I chose this profile picture because I thought it was original. Now I'm pissed because I've had so many people say that all over different social media platforms

  12. FIFTEEN?! Ok so before I say anything but it was horrible that he did that, and I am sorry that he did that to you but FUCK I wish I had that kinda rizz

  13. His chainsaw would stop for a second, what I assumed his cooldown activated and he would have to chase me down with his basic attack, but before I could get away he would start swinging his chainsaw again almost instantly

  14. Wow, I don't know if you have ever played the character before. But the way it works is you hold down your chainsaw button and it revs the chainsaw. This by itself does nothing, but fill up a meter. When the meter gets full he starts swinging left to right for a few seconds. This consumes one charge. He gets three charges. So, he could do a sweep left to right for a few seconds, and then have it die out. He could then rev it again, and then go for a second chainsaw sweep. This would probably be about 10 seconds in between the two charges.

  15. Ok that makes a lot more sense. And no, I have not played as the character before and that experience was the first time I've ever gone against him as a survivor. I've only started playing Dead by Daylight BARELY a month ago as well.

  16. I'd have to pick between the First fnaf song by The Living Tombstone, Been so Long, or Break my Mind by DAGames.

  17. I thought The Nintendo Switch couldn't run games using Unreal Enginge 4? Thats BS

  18. Most likely not. I'm almost certain the original Stranger Things DLC will not be coming back, however they might make a completely different chapter with Vecna and maybe Eddie Munson or someone else from the crew. However there is no word on this officially and we won't know if it being made until it's announced for a release

  19. DAMN ok ok I'm impressed by everything about this photo. The question is how the hell your computer hadn't fried yet

  20. And the 3rd one is considered to be top 5 in the franchise.

  21. If you can't let yourself sit and enjoy a campy or even bad movie for the good things it gives you, maybe horror just isn't your genre. Judging by your review, you take things way too seriously to enjoy most horror movies. Half of horror is schlock, but enjoyment from it comes from appreciation of the little things, it might be one or 2 things out if the entire movie, but SOMETHING is exactly as it should be.

  22. There was a few things I liked about the movie, but just idk maybe your right. I think I just had certain expectations based on what I HAVE seen so far from the previous Hellraiser movies and other horror movies

  23. The Jedi and the Sith are pretty much the only thing that separates the franchise from other Sci Fi franchises. Imagine if you took away the Xenomorph from Alien, the Spartans from Halo. If you take away these key elements from their respective brands then they all become exactly the same. Why would you want remove the one thing that makes star wars special 💀

  24. Is this a mod? I've beaten the game and I haven't seen this, unless there is a side mission I have yet to finish

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