1. Why does our second period suck dick for very little money every fucking night.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I was born and raised in Vegas and my brother was at 1 Oct. This team just means something to me. Never had that before. Hardest thing ever was leaving Vegas knowing I can't go to the fortress anymore. But I will have the best VGK basement in Ohio in about a week!

  3. Fellow Ohio resident Knights fan checking in! See you in Columbus in a couple weeks?!

  4. Haha we were walking out behind you! My wife was realllly into those pants! 😏

  5. Walking out of Keybank wearing my Eichel jersey proud as fuck boys

  6. Amazing show. Hurray for the Riff Raff absolutely killed it as well!

  7. For everyone who wants to rewatch the best moment of the game over and over:

  8. They couldn't survive without Arcade Legacy. I know I can't.

  9. Exactly how I feel about the bar edition! But soon they’ll be back!

  10. Anyone else getting a humming sound? watching via star 64 btw

  11. According to the Us calendar, the week starts on a Sunday. So...yup. 🤣

  12. Question about the Bailey: can my 7 year old son come with me?

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