This is $70 worth of groceries in the most expensive city in the USA [OC]

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  • By - dti86

  1. I’ve been in college working as a freelance artist but I haven’t gotten many customers so I’m trying to get a job at McDonald’s and if you don’t want to sound like a dick just word your comment differently so it doesn’t come off as rude

  2. Sorry couldn’t think of any other way to word it and let’s be honest it was bound to be asked by being a 20 year old with no formal job experience

  3. Okay so? Where else am I gonna work at 16 that’s really any better? WALMART??? any other fast food or retail store it’s all the same

  4. How much did they pay you? At my McDonald’s pay starts at 12.50 for standard crew member

  5. The last man on Earth, never found out why It got canceled but it ended on a cliffhanger

  6. So I just took a peak at your account and lemme get this straight. 95 days ago you posted saying you just became a crew trainer and now (three months later) you’re an area manager? I’m in the US so I can only assume you mean Shift manager. But anyway it seems like you’re lying. I literally work with people who’ve been at my store for 6+ years and are just now becoming MIT’s (Managers in training)

  7. Apparently tweakers, strippers, and all the drunk people from the local bars

  8. Had a guy come in today wanting exactly “9” crinkle cut pickles on his crispy chicken. Could’ve just said he wanted extra-extra

  9. Simple, why worry about things you can’t control? I know it’s hard sometimes to not (even for me) but that’s the best way focus on the now

  10. They will also ask you questions such as: What would you do if you got in a conflict with a co-worker? Or what would you do if someone came up to the counter yelling at you claiming you messed up their food? ETC….

  11. Yeah it’s kinda surprising apparently my store is in need of crew trainers and Ig I was chosen as the first pick. I mainly didn’t want to do this because I thought this would me I’d have to learn service (I’m in grill) but ig they want me to just be a Grill trainer. This happened so recently that management hasn’t even had me watch my crew trainer training videos so I’ve kinda just been wing-Ing it and teaching them to do everything by-the-book. And so far no one’s is visibly jealous

  12. Ye our store doesn't bother with showing trainers any videos - unless they actually need it.

  13. Yeah that’s was the first thing I was told by one of the MIT’s at our store that the pay raise ≠ the responsibility you’re given. With this I’m definitely learning patience and how to be more clear when explaining

  14. Do your location’s managers not work in the rest of the store? The managers where I work are basically regular employees with scheduling duties and more training

  15. Lol this reminds me of one of my fucking dumbass GM’s who thinks orders like this should be done within a snap of a finger while his fatass is back In The office sitting on his fat ass eating all the fucking food

  16. Do you want to less risk and average growth, or do you want to take on risk for higher rewards?

  17. I absolutely refuse to believe Mississippi is watching The Criterion Channel

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