Destiny’s “hamster wheel” model of content isn’t working for me anymore

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  1. You could look into a sexologist. And short of seeing one in person, there are even a few on YouTube that have lots of existing content and answer viewer questions. Dr. Doe is fairly prolific, though I can't recall her channel name...

  2. Every Adept mod except for Icarus Grip can be gotten from Grandmasters. Adept Icarus Grip only drops from Trials.

  3. Digital version can be taken away from you without warning, due to no fault of your own, and with no recourse. Look into what happened with PT (They removed it from the store and then pushed an update that deleted it from every console that was connected to the internet.).

  4. Some of the best Star Wars novels there mate...

  5. Its a particularly pretty face on a fantastically fuckable body.

  6. Considering Bungo hate fun and follow in Facebook's footsteps, centering development around forming addiction...I wouldn't expect anything else.

  7. Back-up comms in case your suit's comms go offline or are jammed. But also using older tech to back-up newer tech in *this* case is, if I recall the Reach description correctly, was to more easily interface with CMA and "Innie" comms networks. But if I'm not remembering correctly there...that IS on several other "armor" descriptions.

  8. Would rather have them than a full team of explosive energy guns hogging all the kills.

  9. Always. Guarantee it will escalate, however.

  10. Well, if you aren't an absurdly gorgeous, breedable little thing.

  11. His butt-hurt over Mando fans existing and those first few Mando-centric episodes that wrote almost all EU Mando stuff out of canon basically killed SW for me. And right after buying the armor to make costumes for my little brother and myself, too...

  12. Are you blaming Dave Filoni for retconning the Mandalorian lore when it was George Lucas himself who told Filoni that the Fetts were never Mandalorians? Karen Traviss quit writing for Star Wars because of George Lucas wanting the Mandalorian backstory changed.

  13. No, I'm blaming George... because it was his call. I don't understand how you made the leap to Dave, OP is about George's involvement and I don't think I've ever heard anything to the effect of Dave disliking Mando'ade (or fandalorians for that matter), where-as George is known for his butt-hurt.

  14. I have always hated this aspect of Destiny (from launch). And I don't just mean its not fun, I mean it is painful...and then you add in the Skinner Box aspect of it and its psychological abuse, utilizing the research put into getting people addicted to gambling to keep them in casinos.

  15. Well, to be fair, I didn't love that myself. It was fun to see the culture being pulled into focus, but not at the expense of the really compelling stuff Traviss had built.

  16. I never heard anything about the fanbase being mad at Karen. I *do* remember Karen leaving over the Clone Wars stuff. The Clone Wars CG cartoon retcons (specifically Lucas trying to destroy everything Mandalorian) basically killed Star Wars for me.

  17. Look up Human Replacement Droid. And you could, hypothetically, do the inverse of the Ghost in the Shell full prosthetic bodies: a full vat-grown organic body controlled by a droid brain...though that would require all sorts of varying specialists and equipment...and then there are the fears of droid assassins or what-not infiltrating businesses and governments...

  18. I'd say... Its not the agenda *of* the gays, its an agenda about the gays. Or...involving them? Its another example of the capital 'p' Progressives trying to cause conflict.

  19. This post is so incorrect that I have no idea where to start...just STFU OP. Stop lying to people.

  20. Consider re-flavoring a light class to use some other source of magical power (or technology providing the same paracausal effects), or using one of those SIVA classes floating around and making any necessary flavor adjustments. And take a look at Pygmalion's Guide to the Darkness...

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