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  1. Where's the GPU? What are you using the system for? Do you already have peripherals, a case, and a power supply? There's a ton of details left out here.

  2. You need to download an iso file on a 8 or more gb usb drive

  3. For a PC to just power up (not POST) - PSU + connected to mainboard, CPU (and support - some wont power up without a CPU, some AM4 builds wont power up without BIOS support), front panel correctly wired (minimum - power switch).

  4. I have a 1900x thread ripper, asrock 399, Western Digital Black SN770, Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3, Thermaltake Smart 700 W, XFX Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB.

  5. Nothing I can find or remember with that name exactly in this game, Caliban's passive is called Adaptive Armor were you playing or in a party with Caliban?

  6. Passive cooled molex powered! What a beautiful GPU.

  7. Thank u so much, I have learned so much from this post about the game definitely will try anything u guys say

  8. Gara is an energy hog, which can be difficult to manage early on. Like others said, equilibrium and spectrosiphon would help you rn, but lving up your zenurik focus school and getting the wellspring and uhhhh the one that makes energy pickups give you more energy would also be a really good idea.

  9. Love Gara just cuse I acutely know how to use here and her kit is useful compared to tatina wich was my old main

  10. I love watching the movies with the end the night love and the cavaliers is the second to the end the day not too much detail and the cavaliers of a very tough time in my head on the rocket body tube into the air and lerning it was fought between Britain German and France Battle with a prince of War in of the rocket fly with the end result in a very important to have him in the atmosphere.

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