1. It's not an opinion though, he's speaking as if from some factual highground. That's the problem with this site, people talk factually about issues they know nothing about. It's a Reddit culture thing and I never understood it. People here think they're a lot smarter than they actually are.

  2. It's not just this site, or this sub, or a certain demographic. Unfortunately, social media as a whole has allowed us to see just how ignorant and gullible the masses truly are. Unlimited access to limitless information, but lacking the ability to understand or even determine its truth.

  3. The shelf with the Monster cans looks to be the center shelf, meaning it should be fixed in place with screws rather than the shelf pins. I would remove the shelf it's on currently, place it on the center shelf, then put the movable shelf and cans above the TV. But even if you don't do it right away, you should get something to brace the center of the shelf from below. This means bracing at each shelf from the bottom up if you've got another movable shelf below the center.

  4. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED! Thanks to this link, my problem has been solved! Thank you everyone for you help regardless though!

  5. Hopefully you did not leave those two drives in a RAID configuration

  6. You could probably find a cheaper toaster on amazon

  7. A toaster that probably has more processing power than this PC.

  8. Clean it. Fans, heatsink, drives, everything. Get all the dust and cobwebs out of there. Is that the original power supply (also what brand and wattage)? If so, could be failing.

  9. Make sure that the monitor itself is properly configured. The OSD will have options to enable Adaptive Sync. Also try turning off HDMI compatibility mode in the OSD. The manual also shows that to support 120Hz and 144Hz at 1440p that Freesync Premium should be off.

  10. You all need to fully read the details about those higher read/write speeds on the "newer" card:

  11. This "newer" model only hits 190/130MB read/write speeds using the SanDisk Professional PRO-READER SD and microSD.

  12. You shouldn’t have called the inspection. They could have easily got a permit and called it in after the work was done. You should’ve taken it up with the electrical business first.

  13. He did. The company told him the homeowner should schedule the inspection.

  14. Did he say that in the comments? That’s not normally how it works. Our electricians call for their own inspections. Especially on a service change. Many times the inspector can talk to the electrician about corrections and they can fix or change them right then and there without a reinspection. And, permits aren’t in the homeowners name, they’re in the electricians name. I wonder where this is because it all seems off to me.

  15. He did mention it in the comments, along with some other questionable actions by the company.

  16. Love the fact you've got a first aid kit there like you know some shit could go down.

  17. Technically possible with a particular, more recent technology called I doubt it’s widely available, though.

  18. Interesting, and thanks for the link. I stand (theoretically) corrected. Very, very niche atm, though. Wish telecoms were more interested in advancing the tech than their bottom lines (which isn't to say they shouldn't make money, just that it should be possible to do both)

  19. Socket changes will make it basically useless though

  20. Most air coolers will have different brackets to work on multiple sockets, and the big manufacturers usually have free or low cost adapter kits available when new sockets are introduced

  21. The particular comment wrote “some of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers will die & that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.” That’s the part I actually took issue with, so was trying to gently remind them that it’s not just a decision made by “people who deserve to die because they’re making poor choices” somehow.

  22. Your friends who CAN'T get the vaccine are in a totally different group than anti-vaxxers that CHOOSE not to get the vaccine and put everyone, especially your disabled and immunocompromised friends, at risk.

  23. Teterboro is the worst. I've had things get stuck there for weeks with no updates, only to show up on my doorstep without tracking ever showing it left. That's IF it even gets scanned in at Teterboro in the first place.

  24. I imagine those 2-slot brackets you linked were to fit the cards into Mini-ITX cases that only had 2 slots. What would be the benefit from going from 2 to 3 slots?

  25. I wouldn't buy a 20-series that's more expensive than what you plan to upgrade to through the Step Up program. You're throwing that extra money away if you do.

  26. Can't speak for OP on the SATA bus, but I'd imagine the PeeCIe was hosed for sure.

  27. I've got an updated list of Humble gift links

  28. I'd be interested in dead rising 2, deux ex mankind divided, endless legend classic, forts, god eater 2, hotline miami 2, mgs v pp, n++, pa titans, shadow tactics, sniper elite 3, sonic and all stars racing transformed, sonic generations coll, tower unite, vermintide 2, wasteland 2, glorida victis, for around $40.

  29. I can do that. I'll prep the gift links then message you on Steam.

  30. I see you've got GeForce Experience, so what you want to do is go to the Nvidia Control Panel -> Display -> Set up multiple displays. Should show you both of your monitors. Drag either one of them up or down to slightly offset them. Apply to see changes. Once you get it close you should be able to "nudge" it by selecting one and using the arrow keys to get your pixel-perfect background.

  31. I've got a decent Google Sheets list of extra keys and gift links

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