1. I'm a relatively new seller as well and I don't have this 'condition description' field as well when I went to list something today. So maybe it's a new seller "enforcement"?

  2. Worry not. For some reason, after a few days of making this thread, I finally got an updated form when listing/editing listings and now I have condition description! Perhaps it's intended, or perhaps a bug. But either way, I am happy to report I can now at least add condition description — pretty important in my opinion.

  3. Is the item vintage? If its over a certain age condition is no longer a factor.

  4. HBO does have a habit that in order to keep their most prized producers, they’ll tie them to the next show. They did it with David Milch, and the creators of Game of Thrones. It usually makes them rush the ending. Maybe since Alan Ball was already working on True Blood, they didn’t want to get into that plotline, Brenda having to go to court to either formally adopt Maya or for a judge to rule on her as guardian. Nate expressly says that Maya is “his” daughter, so I don’t think Brenda had adopted her.

  5. You’re overthinking one scene, one quote, one moment from a series than spanned half a decade and had more depth and breadth than most television shows could ever aim for. It’s not that deep.

  6. Did it take you a month to come up with that comment? Is it not that deep or does it have more depth and breadth than most television shows could ever aim for?

  7. I’m saying you just reversed the order. I didn’t originate the idiom. That’s what the saying means, even if it sounds a bit backwards.

  8. Reversing the order makes it incorrect. What your saying is that you can’t have it, then eat it, which you can. The thing that can’t happen is eating the cake, then having it still in your possession. You can easily have it in your possession before you eat it.

  9. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You cannot remain in possession of the cake while also having eaten it. The cake is finite.

  10. The complaint about plot is pretty weird. What exactly is complex about the narratives of Top Gun: Maverick, the Mission Impossible movies, the Furious/Transformers/Jurassic World movies, any MCU/DCEU film bar BvS because that was just a trainwreck, or heck even Cameron's own box office phenomena Titanic?

  11. If complex was better, the #1 grossing movie would be Inception.

  12. Are the plots and characters of franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Fast & Furious or Jurassic Park really more complex than Those of Avatar?

  13. Earlier Star Wars movies, maybe arguably. Marvel, Fast & Furious, and Jurassic Park? Not a bit.

  14. Imagine wasting your life just on the off chance someone is training prayer on their lvl 3 noob

  15. You can also go to f2p world loot big bones at by,walk to chaos altar in f2p world(to avoid green dragons) hop a bit south of chaos altar,hop to p2p world use bones ,hop back to f2p world walk back to by,rinse and repeat.

  16. True true, forgot to mention hopping to f2p to avoid dangerous NPCs. Also helps to avoid Ents and Chaos Fanatic, etc.

  17. Maybe Jagex are delusional like they were with Fresh Start Worlds thinking a huge amount of people would make new accs to play any new "official" gamemode they release.

  18. fresh start world makes far more sense and if I were to start playing I likely would have started on it. People hate the experience of being late to an MMO because nothing you do is desirable to others so the economy for early game items is fucked

  19. I hear that at least in theory — but also — this influx of new players hopping onto Fresh Start Worlds was largely mythical. But you do make a good point. I guess it's like separating multiplayer playlists on say FN by skill level so new players aren't competing against the most advanced players.

  20. No one outside London knows why he’s so championed. This is the problem with his legacy and why it was so easy to taint. Big up Wiley big up old school London. Suck your mum.

  21. Over in the States, and I know why he's the champ. Wiley has fans all over the globe.

  22. ...what was even the point of the reply though? Seems unnecessarily rude for no reason to a polite text.

  23. It looks like the sender was trying to buy green text guy's property, and he was tired of getting spam messages about it.

  24. I figured that, I get those things a lot and one guy/company sent me postcards 1-2x a month for ~2 years and my house isn't even listed (and hasn't been for ~30 years)... but either that's the first time they've spoken, which makes the response rude or the realtor/whoever is following up in some way, and it's still rude. A simple "I'm not selling" or "I have an agent already"

  25. Oh it's definitely rude. He probably just poured all his annoyance from the many messages he was getting out onto that one guy, and in a very admittedly strange way.

  26. Next image: 70 prayer on my ex-hcim in 6 hours.

  27. BTW Turd_Lipstick it's still the fastest route to 43 Prayer on a fresh HCIM. So what do you mean, "amount of effort" ?

  28. 000000 is so nice on OLED screens though, lets the pixels turn off. But I agree I prefer more like #333333 I find its a bit easier on the eyes.

  29. I think #000000 is fine if the text isn't #FFFFFF but more like #CFCFCF

  30. Agree. UX people need to realise they are only one piece of the puzzle and other areas affect UX as well.

  31. To be honest I think Skepta and Frisco are the only two members that are really good. I don’t really count Wiley as a member as he never seemed to be around. They were big at the time though, they marketed the t-shirts really well

  32. I swear too many people here hold an unhealthy hatred for stormzy we forgetting when he warred wiley and cadell already?

  33. But Stormzy only subliminally dissed Cadell back, really, who directly sent for him with diss after diss. Cadell's sends were more vicious and better than Wiley's even, imo. Wiley went easy mode on Stormzy, you could tell. Def didn't give him the smoke like Nightbus Dubplate days. Cadell on Scarier for example was just top form.

  34. If you've never heard of them before, I highly recommend giving a band called

  35. That sounds amazing and odd at the same time, will def check them out now. Video game music is awesome and can be super experimental which I think is great.

  36. Plus the mirror (not pictured) to dance in front of and whisper "I would fuck me" to the reflection erotically.

  37. It’s a good way to get a pulse on demand. The sellers still want a lot for Pyrex, kitchenaid mixer, mid century modern stuff, glass chickens, certain toys. Professional sellers practically give ornaments away because they don’t move.

  38. Okay, I do see your point better now. So then there’s a direct correlation between availability in the aftermarket and what sellers are actually able to get. My fault for mistaking what you meant and snapping. Good point. You can’t sell a thing if you can’t find a buyer. Doubly true if they’re readily available for a lot less in different markets.

  39. Writing on the top of the G4s is way more common than I thought

  40. Were you able to get the marker out? I’ve heard writing over Sharpie with Dry Eraser then erasing it works, but I’ve never tried it.

  41. You'd be surprised what people are willing to pay. Just look at how much McDonald's gets away with charging for a Big Mac.

  42. More that I made some stupid early mistakes like mixing up LuLaRoe and Lululemon, Mislook for Misook, Rock Republic for Rock Revival...

  43. I wonder how many brand names are, by design, hoping to be mistaken for competition.

  44. Le Creuset. Thought I finally found one of their signature dutch ovens the other day. It was red, with similar colorful enamel coating and similar looking design, but it was a much cheaper knockoff.

  45. You ever watch a moth just stay at a lighthouse? Hell no they land on the earth and ground that shit.

  46. I for one liked your analogy and appreciated where you were coming from. Also enjoyed reading the stuff people missed out on. But if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Part of the game.

  47. Absolutely insane that Drake released NWTS and people still claim he's got no classics under his belt.

  48. Would love to see the NWTS and IYRTITL-era Drake back again...

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