1. I'm a Gage fan, I was hopeful for the guy.. I feel Hatch or Butters could have also been decisions, I still trust the process

  2. A monument park to honour the city around the ball park. Just a series of cranes you need to dodge as an outfielder.

  3. Apparently Toronto does have north americas greatest population of cranes so...

  4. They really should have added a pool and called it the Bird Bath.

  5. I semi annually msg their social accounts BEGGING for this hat to return again

  6. This is some Shatkins 5D Moneyball chess year..and I'm here for it

  7. On my xmas wish list.. if it doesn't appear, It's a boxing day purchase

  8. I opened some a couple days ago and it's really good for the price point ! The smell is great and it's got a great texture ! Have really enjoyed the effects also ! The more I smoke it the more I like it !!!

  9. I love every form of Cuban linx I can get my hands on..I've heard live resin carts next month!

  10. The newer "Buyers club" line they have is imo some of their best ,mind you its all from third party growers. I always liked their sour Kush

  11. Yea few times, you gotta fiddle with them half to time (too tight/loose).. but they do the trick

  12. A4k Recommended Addons sticky thread (Top most post) has it.

  13. Yea helped a friend getting that added and the repo is empty and the zip isn't showing.. I put in that exact address

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