1. "New" stage mechanic that was already shown previously, dicussed by the developers and everyone here already knows about it.

  2. Soms moeten ze mij voorrang van rechts verlenen maar ik geef altijd mijn voorrang af. Heb gewoon geen zin in de miserie. Maar ben wel eens benieuwd als ik de normale gang van zaken volg en gewoon mijn voorrang neem aangezien hun sirene niet opstaat, hoe het dan zal verlopen.

  3. I dno, in the gameplay, Paul was able to do a 70% combo off the deathfist without any walls.

  4. I will never understand why these don't come with a discount.

  5. It's a crime that when Eren transformed in Liberio that he didn't have this effect also.

  6. They need to put this Team Battle in online mode for sure... 5v5 vs other ppl like this format would be so cool.

  7. Nah, Skill over Power hasn't meant anything since the introduction of power lvls.

  8. Fahk has more in common with Tony Jaa than Feng has with Jet Li lmao.

  9. Would be cool if this is what happens if you rematch. And the big Intro is only at the real start.

  10. Not a fan, it jut doesn't look like Tekken, like her outro, it really looks like a generic Mortal Kombat outro.

  11. There is literally not a single official source that says the Sons of Sparda story is complete, but ppl keep mentioning it.

  12. He relies on crit to deal dmg, try to dodge attack firsts, he will gain crit.

  13. Does dodging also boost his magic crit damage and rate? Or only staff?

  14. The heat system makes it so now being at the wall is now an even bigger death sentence than before. Forced to eat multiple + on block heat moves with no way out....

  15. Not gonna lie, moves that have a short cinematic even during wallcarry seems kinda cool.

  16. Ok, i hate the sound of the hits. And the graphics... LMAO...

  17. Looks nothing like him and taking a picture of a personal zoom call and posting it?

  18. Pam/Jim for feels and Phyllis/Bob for cringe and laughs.


  20. I'm very glad I got to play the vanilla ending first because i feel like there was a sense of urgency right through the last chapter. There's not much to do except fight your way thrrough a very small map and face the ending.

  21. I feel the complete opposite, i LOVE the extra bosses in Royal Edition.

  22. I do not understand how they make BLue Gogeta so amazing and then this guy so underwhelming.

  23. Wow, that art looks like the prettiest art of all the art...

  24. She explained it in the show... If she was younger she would have let Michael have a crack at it but yea...

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