1. Also I’m in a college level korean class right now that meets 5 hours a week + 1 hour of tutoring a week! This will continue until may.

  2. (Great Lakes region) Four years ago we had a polar vortex … -10F with wind, feet of snow. This year it’s 59F And raining ! 😢

  3. With the cardio and lifting I’d say maybe try to get back to eating a bit more first just so your metabolism regulates a bit better, cutting down to ~1500 for a show I get forsure but being at 1480 casually isn’t ideal. I think you should reverse diet now and try and cut fat in a few months! That way when you go to cut the fat it’ll be easier, and less strenuous on your body with whatever deficit you run

  4. Thanks bro I appreciate you! Good luck on your competition 🤙🏻

  5. Splenda is really good. It’s usually made with aspartame though

  6. Hey speaking from my experience , you should allow the one day to enjoy yourself!! Don’t worry about calories! Unless you’re trying to compete in a bodybuilding competition where every calorie matters, then you don’t need to skip out on the Christmas festivities . One day will NOT derail your progress! Also , it’s memories over macros (calories)! You will remember all the great memories with your family and the tradition of good food on Christmas !

  7. For Bikini to be taken seriously (or at least move it forward), Lauralie should be top 3 if not 1. (Here I am giving my Instagram-qualified opinion though so I’d love to hear other thoughts!) She shows the delicate, feminine shape WITH actual muscle development, not just the “lifts a few weights and starves ‘with purpose’” look like others. Her as the standard allows bikini to stay the womens bb entry point and maintain the “sex appeal” the IFBB relies on. But, Bikini is a significant cash cow division for the IFBB so 2000s skinny culture beauty pageant it shall remain I guess.

  8. I agree !!! Lauralie has great muscle development , yet the beautiful hour glass shape. Rounded shoulders, tiny tight waist, well developed Glutes and hamstrings . Looking at first call outs, Janet does look great and all but looks very thin and lacking muscular development compared to lauralie or Jen dorie

  9. Wow I am surprised Ashley kaltwasser didn’t even make first call outs. Looks like isa pecini is 4th or 5th ? Either janet or Jen with the 1st? thoughts ?

  10. If you swipe left, you can see the macros! It has 168 calories, of course you can double or triple the recipe

  11. I have a form related question! When I train hamstrings and Glutes (same training day), I have noticed that my inner thighs (adductors) become the most sore, with little soreness in my hamstrings and Glutes . I typically perform lying hamstring curls, Romanian deadlifts, sumo squat, hip thrusts, sumo deadlifts, reverse hyper extensions , etc. is something off with my form or is this normal?

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