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  1. It sounds like your mother is using guilt-tripping tactics to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. It's understandable that you would feel frustrated and resentful in this situation, and it's crucial to assert your own autonomy and boundaries.

  2. Thank you very much for this. I thought I was going crazy. It’s really hard when people don’t understand what you want. I’ll try to do all the things you just told me. Helped.

  3. You are 18yo. Most places consider you an adult at this point.

  4. Thx for the advice. As much as I want a healthy relationship with my mum I don’t think I will get it. If she hates me cause of hair only I don’t think she’s worth my time. I just have to wait it out I guess.

  5. Your mother is abusive and manipulative. You’re not the problem here

  6. Hahahaha now as much as I think you’re definitely right. I still love her and feel bad hearing somebody talk about her like that. I remember her being so caring and loving but now I’m looking at a different person.

  7. A gift that says you know her and what she likes is best. For example if you know she likes Studio Ghibli movies then a Totoro plush toy. Or if she likes the Legend of Zelda games you can get a music box that plays music from the game.

  8. That could work. Now that I think about it she likes the band Arctic Monkeys so Imma look into gifts that circle around that. Thx a lot. Helped.

  9. Your first instinct was to ask a basic map question on a subreddit as opposed to just looking it up? I just find that hard to belive

  10. I looked it up. How to get to Old Yharnam. There were videos but they were in places where I haven’t unlocked yet. Like Cathedral ward. One has to beat the boss there too to unlock the door thingy. Luckily

  11. He’s just showing us epic gameplay of how to deal with Tengu. He narrowly escaped them while reviving his teammates and he even sacrificed himself so that his teammate could live. What a Ghost. He’s one of the best of the best.

  12. Sleep is sleep doesn’t matter the time of day it’s just about duration asleep/awake

  13. Sleeping at the wrong time will degrade the quality of your sleep. However, getting 8 low-quality hours is still better than not getting 8 hours.

  14. Hah, so it’s true then. Guess I havd to sacrifice gaming to get some gains. Thx. Helped.

  15. For me overall Aoi is the hardest because it's so big, so much crap to have to run over, around with all the fences and rocks and huts and buildings. So many grassy areas for Oni Archers to light you on fire.

  16. Blood and Steel is probably the most difficult because it's such a big map. Newbies love to engage spawns deep in the forest, and when they go down it can be difficult to revive them without a Ronin.

  17. Blood is definitely a second for me. Getting to cliff is such a hustle.

  18. There’s nothing wrong with promoting a game a person enjoys playing. There’s nothing wrong with posting something a gamer is proud of achieving. The only thing wrong is people making childish comments and reading a book by its cover.

  19. GGs. Nice 👍. Sticky is faster since you know the rotation. Give it a go with caltrops and enjos on weeks you can buy from the shop. Can get 250 if you’re fast enough. You can play fire ult that way to help with CDs on the sticky and smoke when the other wave is being hit by the other three players. If you still wanna heal just play heal all instead of resolve. No real need for 5 resolve if you don’t run SStriker.

  20. Thx. I’ll try this asap. I don’t understand CDok tho. Can u tell me what it is ?

  21. I once read here it was 500 seconds, and it seemed to be backed by a link to a video iirc.

  22. For sure, but it gets boring fast if the lobby is full of 120 bad asses in a gold survival. It's like buzzards fighting over a rat's carcass

  23. Yeah lmao. Haven’t played with 120 ki badasses in Gold survival yet but one time in nightmare survival I played with Randos and we cleared it in 25 minutes. I know it’s not impressive but it was plenty impressive to me.

  24. My son just had them out and I just recall it was soft foods and nothing too hot (temperature). As long as it isn’t a tough bread, I’m sure you are good. Just take it slow.

  25. Thx. The bread I eat are slices so I’m a bit confident that I won’t do anything reckless Helped.

  26. Everyone heals different. Just make sure to stick with soft stuff, don't chew anything near the back for another few days. Liquids don't need chewing so you won't accidentally bite down hard. Bread needs chewing so be extra careful.

  27. Thx. Well it’s just I’m super hungry so I’ll eat my porridge and eat the bread bit by bit. Helped.

  28. I left basketball because of this exact thing. It’s favoritism and that has no place in a team sport but it happens all the time. Don’t let your hard work ethic and dedication go to waste. Put your strength and talents into something else and I bet you’ll start shinning and everyone will see.

  29. Thx for this. I also know it’s favouritism because he only gives his full attention to the elder guys. Maybe he wants them to shine more. Idk man but still thx. I’m also thinking of trying volleyball cause I’m interested in it.

  30. Are you forced to work with him occasionally through random group assigning? if not then you should just refuse to be his partner for anything and say because he doesn’t do much work, if the latter you can tell him before you start working if he doesn’t attempt to help more you’ll let the teacher know to hopefully motivate him, you shouldn’t have to do the brunt of the work by yourself just because you’re his “friend”

  31. Yes we have to always work with our sitting partner. The whole class already knows that this guy doesn’t do much work. So most if all don’t wanna work with him. Maybe if he himself realises that half assing it aint gon work he’ll try to do some work. Tbh I’ll be happy if he just did the bare minimum. And thx for the advice. I’ll try to talk to him clearly and state my intentions.

  32. Oh yeah that happened to us. Then as soon as one guy disconnected, it started the next wave. I aso noticed that some enemies were not dying so I killed them every chance I got to get resolve lol.

  33. Cliff is up at the top boulder is right of the ledge

  34. the best way hands down is to play the trials of IYO. it requires you to be a level 120 but has the highest drop rate for legendry's as well as cursed items. if you are not level 120 yet the second best method is to run the chapter three raid. with a good team you will be able to do the level in 4 - 7 minutes and it has a higher legendary drop rate than standard gold missions.

  35. Thx. I still haven’t completed chapter 2 of Iyo. As soon as players see a guy who doesn’t know what to do, they just disconnect. Leaving us to lose. Trying to find a good team right now to complete chapter 2 of tales of iyo.

  36. Shoot me your gamertag. I will be online in about 15 minutes.

  37. That if you don’t worship their one god you are fucked. I don’t understand the logic in that. So let’s see in the after life or so. If so then I’ll gladly receive my punishment.

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