1. Yeah, but at least it runs and looks great.

  2. Update: Engineer from the charging company came by. Within a few moments of assessing what was happening he had determined that the charger welded to the charging port. Then proceeded to pry it off using a wrench and screwdriver.

  3. It performs quite well, the car is driving itself from point a to point b. A few months ago it didn’t even stop at stop signs. As of right now, Elon does have millions of cars running fsd beta, and the beta nomenclature could be removed any month

  4. Everything you just said is wrong lol. It doesn't perform well at all when it actually comes to driving itself safely and without causing roadrage. All the videos that omar spams online are in california around the same areas where tesla runs lidar mules for validation, omar also doesnt care rhat the car will slow down to 10mph on a 40mph and cause people all arluns him to rage and hate tedla even more. It has been stopping at stops signs for about 2 +years now. I'm in Texas and have been in the FSD beta since the start, I can't run my work commute at all.

  5. I didn’t know that, I’ll have to ask them to see if that policy is in place, if not I can still cancel, that window hasn’t closed yet for me.

  6. Is that the lower price or after price hike?

  7. She's white. She will get 5 years community service

  8. You oog in and update your design on the website....

  9. My understanding is that you can always reconfigure a 'reservation' online, but when you convert it to an 'order,' the configuration is locked online. You still get to modify it when they contact you to finalize your actual build choices. Hope this makes sense.

  10. When I see a dumb thumbnail and clickbait title I automatically report it.

  11. Since when can you report YT videos again?

  12. Literally the opposite of what the sales guy at Lucid told me when asking about paint quality. Guess add at least 4k to the price for PPF.

  13. Or maybe these are early cars and they haven't gotten paint process 100% yet.

  14. I literally just got my Dyson and it's making a high pitched noise 2 days into it. Really not fucking impressed with this thing. ESPECIALLY considering how ridiculously expensive it is.

  15. I am on my third TP07 fan......after a few weeks of use it'll start making this resonance noise. Makes it impossible to go to sleep.

  16. I got lucky and was able to return mine for a refund lol. I realized its a huge waste of money and definitely something I don't need. Especially considering how janky it is. It would be worth it at 1/3 the price.

  17. I've had a TP01 since like 2016. It's been perfect with zero issues.

  18. Any known solutions for the noise issue? I bought the HP09 in 2021 and the noise drives me nuts – I pretty much can’t use it on low fan speeds if I’m in the same room. Sent it back to Dyson during the warranty period, and the replacement unit also made the exact same noise.

  19. I am on my third TP07 fan because of the noise it starts making after a few weeks of use.

  20. LTT and car reviews lmao.....Linus keeps trying to stick into shit he knows nothing about. His videos are already cringe, but when they do car reviews it's such a clown show

  21. Or he was pushing the accelerator, it was already at the fire wall and he was panicking.

  22. Yeah.....he was panicking for a few blocks 😒🙄

  23. Maybe I should buy online then? Super smash definitely was my favourite game of all nintendo games!

  24. Try the switch sports game.....I enjoy that online hahaha. Super fun. And the cosmetics they add make it worth playing against people.

  25. If I purchase 1 of these how long do I have to use it? For example I have gamepass now until January, can I purchase it and use it until then Thanks.

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