1. Doesn't bother me at all, I can't really remember even noticing stuff like that. I think if I'm engaged with what's going on then background stuff like that just doesn't register.

  2. I just wanted Hellraiser commentaries

  3. The Lost World makes JP3 look like Jurassic Park

  4. I don't know if it's based on anything other than my imagination but I thought he had Robert Smith hair

  5. Yeah, I think your assumptions are pretty spot-on. I love football but rarely enjoy going to games or even bars to watch, too many coked-up, boozed-up nobheads.

  6. Not just the commentaries, I just rewatched the Talking Fanfares (part 3 please?) and his pitches for the BC Studios are unreal. "What's the opposite of clouds? Sewers."

  7. I have to admit, I love it when they're listed by squad number (keeper excluded).

  8. What? I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

  9. So I'm pretty sure that on Blank Check there was a conversation about these types of picture settings and how they can be beneficial for HFR movies compared to watching them on just like a normal 1080p "Movie" picture settings. Something to do with motion blur or motion smoothing or something. I don't know, I'm not particularly ai fait with this sort of technical stuff. That's why I didn't think it was a joke. Someone else suggested The Hobbit, I assume for the same reason.

  10. I see, it sounds like you misunderstood that discussion.

  11. Got it. So if the TV has these settings and I was to watch, for example, Gemini Man, how would it look?

  12. I like The Beach a lot more than anyone on this episode, I think Leo is perfect for the role. Swinton at her hottest (mentioned). McGregor would've made Richard more likeable, which would be fine if they had the time the book has, I think. The ending is bad, I'm surprised Danny Boyle thinks it's better than the book. When I read the book I pictured Peter Mullan as Daffy and as much as Robert Caryle is really good, I do think Mullan would've been great. I had no idea there was this Garland/Yoshida prequel series in the works, sounds great. I did and do think the film suffers from not having the time to fully realise the book. But, I think the movie is great, and currently ranked 2nd of 6 of the Boyle movies I've watched for Trainspodcasting.

  13. Not watched this movie in years, super enjoying it. Also reminded that it's the reason why for years (and sort of still now) I consider J to be the coolest letter in the alphabet.

  14. Adama Traore playing for Spain. Was equally shocked when i heard him speak.

  15. Until the World Cup I had assumed that he'd adopted Mac Allister in tribute to Gary McAllister and had spelled it wrong.

  16. Probably slightly prefer it with bits but I like both

  17. blatant time wasting and getting away with it

  18. The ref finally giving a yellow card in the last minute of injury time when the keeper's been taking 30 seconds over every goal kick in the second half

  19. So far Knock At The Cabin is my only movie this week. I liked it a lot, although as with most M Nights, I feel like the ending doesn't live up to to the rest of the movie. I thought Dave was fantastic.

  20. I think he said good things about Detective Pikachu and I would guess he thinks Life is pretty good.

  21. Sausage, eggs, black pudding, toast

  22. Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You and Alison Lohman in Tucker were big ones for me

  23. If you like it it's good. Normal is harder to define. I wouldn't have it but I don't really like ketchup very much. I'm not sure I'd have any condiment, it's already quite saucy as it is.

  24. I do think he's funny, but I think he's also one of the most up his own arse comedians.

  25. I don't know about the 2nd point, Terry is basically Hogan at this point. His public appearances and persona are all as the Hulkster so I'd argue that while HH was a fictional character, he has taken over the corporeal form of Terry Bollea.

  26. https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/hulk-hogan-testifies-that-his-wrestling-character-has-a-bigger-penis-than-he-does/amp/

  27. The old bigger penis defence. You're right, Horne's a rogue.

  28. Without going through every year, I always remember 2010 as a ripper

  29. I like him a lot. Aside from First Man, which I loved , I don't think I'd rate any of his movies as highly as you clearly do, but I do think BR49, The Nice Guys and Half Nelson are very good.

  30. Ben's James Caan joke on (I think) Thief where the lads are listing some of his credits and he goes "wasn't he in Star Trek?", G&D don't seem to get it, there's a bit of back and forth and then "Caaaaan".

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