1. https://weidian.com/item.html?itemID=5691606502&spider_token=4572

  2. Y’all be so worried when I’m reality a lot of y’all have 1:1 pairs , I’ve worn worse and got mad compliments , these are spot on bro

  3. I saw this post with the link and Copped 2 pairs last night on pandabuy , they look good and for that price I couldn’t pass up , I’ve been into reps for 2 years now and after a few hit or miss on DHgate I got it thru my head to use an agent.

  4. Tell me about it🤣🤣. The gate isn’t that bad it’s an OG in the game of reps so can’t hate on it that much , but yeah an agent is the way

  5. A knife if allowed should be in everyone’s EDC but thats just my opinion. Why aren’t stainless steel water bottles talked about more, stay hydrated guys !!!. Flashlight is taken for granted by so many, I’d say always keep a lighter even if you don’t smoke

  6. Whatever you did in your previous state (synthetic urine hopefully) continue to use that in Ohio

  7. I came from a rec legal state and before it was legal I’ve never had an opportunity that required testing. Now In Ohio where you can carry a gun and smoke people but got forbid you smoke weed 😂😂

  8. This kinda looks like it was made with legos

  9. Toe box leaning more towards Air Force one eh fuckin beautiful dawg 😉

  10. W2C I want these to play ball and run to the store ???

  11. I bought a solid 925 Cuban link from them and it was flawless tight links bright white look clasp was good , customer service was good for my experience answered all questions I had

  12. Check out the Cartier santos fully bust down !!!

  13. You’ll find that $80 is basically the starting price for something you wouldn’t consider a toy or novelty.

  14. I’ve seen some reviews with photos of another person who ordered a Tudor watch from the same seller and it looked good. I tried messaging the seller although it was after the fact for some pictures of the watch and got no response yet. Hopefully it’s not too bad and if it is I think I’d wear it as an everyday / beater watch if that makes sense

  15. Yes it makes sense. We all have different ideas of what we consider nice, accurate, or tolerable. And several tiers exist in this world, from <$50 up to $600+

  16. Update * I cancelled the order , I’m gonna do my due diligence and purchase a better quality watch from a better seller. I want the first of my collection to be better than a 25$ quartz piece of crap 😂 now if I can get a refund it would be a miracle lol

  17. These are hot fire 🔥 1:1 and if not just minor flaws that the average Joe walking around would need a microscope to see ,l would cop asap without a QC nobody is gonna call you out if they do give them a left hook to the jaw cause nobody should ever call out someone , resellers are nerdy kids from the suburbs they’re not about that life with their parents credit cards in 12 different SNKRS app accounts, repgang OG I’m with all the smoke in real life

  18. Ain’t no internet gangster over here , I see so many ppl on here worried about being called out like why would y’all let a random person walk up On you and call you out that’s just disrespect I was taught to not walk up on someone if I don’t know what they’re capable of it’s a principle in how you carry yourself , so all I’m saying is if someone was to walk up on me and call Me out they getting rocked plain and simple. I can’t tell nobody how to carry themselves as an individual but if they let someone walk up on them and call them out and they do nothing about it they’re straight soft end of story

  19. Phil collins greatest song ever to signify the arrival of the “ side of Franklin “ we have all been waiting for , he has never entered full savage mode yet , even with all the bodies bodies bodies it was always calculated business Franklin , final season Franklin is what we have all been waiting for , he put everyone in position made sure that everyone was good “ always bit the bullet to make sure that everyone was okay like he always did “ and all the man asked for was loyalty. They let the EGO get in the way and now he had enough, still with all that considered he’s only resorting to savage mode because that’s all that he has left , I would love for him to put Jerome in a position to have to chose between Louie or his own life and then make Jerome kill Louie

  20. If you want better reps don’t buy off of dhgate

  21. I trust DHgate cause they have top tier if you wanna pay the price but most importantly I can open a dispute if anything goes wrong , I wouldn’t send money to someone off WhatsApp with no order protection

  22. All of these are super fire 🔥 , I would be happy to own all 3 with no complaints , honestly I don’t think people really care let alone can tell minor flaws out in public on feet , wear with confidence and pride

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